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How to choose a career using numerology.
Consider your birth number and life path number while choosing a career for you. Suppose your birth number is 6 and your life path number is 9. So you can go for career-related to number 6 as well as 9.

Birth Number (MULANK) - The day you're born is your birth number, Suppose You were born on the 24 of any month then 2+4 = 6  is your birth number. If your birth date is in single-digit, i.e. 1 to 9 of any month, your birth date is your birth number. 

Life Path Number (Bhagyank) - Life path number is the sum of your full date of birth, Suppose your birth date is 24-8-2002 then 2+4+8+2+2 = 18 = 1+8 = 9 

Numerology Number 1 - Career Options

Number 1



Sun is king and doesn't want to work under anyone, If your number is 1 then you can do such work in which a team works under you and you can lead your team. You can also do your business and can also be a team leader in a company. You should choose a career in which you can work on your own. You are born to become a leader.  You can be a C.E.O, Leader, Consultant, Founder, Producer, Researcher, Army or Police, Inventor, Researcher, Manager, or Administrative Service.  People with the vibration of number 1 are also more in Civil Services. 

Numerology Number 2 - Career Options

Number 2



The moon is beautiful, Charming, and Bright, People with the vibration of number 2 are very creative and soft-spoken, So persons with the vibration of number 2 can be good speakers or good salespeople because of their soft speaking skills. If you are number 2, you can also be a good dealer or brand ambassador. you can also do work related to fashion design. Creative Artist and Creative Writer are also very favorable fields for you. There are many more career options for you like a Life coach and performing artist, architect, negotiator, mediator, diplomat, public relations officer, counselor, etc.

Numerology Number 3 - Career Options

Number 3



Jupiter is the guru of all the planetsPeople with the vibration of number 3 are very knowledgeable, stable, and goal-oriented. They are joyous, very helpful, and friendly. If you are number 3, you should consider a career in which you are a teacher or trainer. You can become a writer, singer, artist, lyricist, comedian, music composer, performing artist, and a great actor. As you all know, Jupiter is the mentor of all the planets. You can be an organizer, team leader, business leader, commander, political leader, and can be consultant, public speaker, motivator, etc.

Numerology Number 4 - Career Options

Number 4



Rahu is the upper portion (Head) of a person, so people with the vibration of the number 4 are critical thinkers and have very sharp minds. if you are number 4, you should consider a career in which your mindset is clear. You have to work hard to achieve success and not go for a career in which luck is more important than hard work. Share market, lottery, options market, gambling, and speculative business are not good career choices for you. Such a person can be a lawyer, researcher, builder, mechanic, detective, journalist, copywriter, consultant, engineer, army officer, trainer, manager, computer analyst, proofreader, technologist, editor, programmer, hardware, contractor, office manager, librarian, etc.

Numerology Number 5 - Career Options

Number 5



Mercury is a very versatile planet. Peoples with the vibration of the number 5 are multitalented and very smart. such a person can be a writer, singer, producer, actor, thinker, music composer, lawyer, investor, director, detective, innovator, journalist, critic, etc. If you are number 5, you can be a very good public speaker, motivator speaker, business, and life coach. By nature, you are a risk-taker and gambler. You can also try your luck in the share market, lottery, and speculative business. You have the qualities of a great team and a great leader. Earning quick money is possible for you. Business and job both are equally good for you. 

Numerology Number 6 - Career Options

Number 6



Venus is responsible for the success and luxurious life. Peoples with the vibration with the number 6 are very responsible for their work and very creative. There are many career options for number 6. You can succeed as a fashion designer and singer, floral designer, consultant, writer, actor, music composer, public relations officer, architect, doctor, and healer. You can also start your business. There are many business opportunities for you. You can start your own showroom of clothes, perfumes, shoes, hotel, restaurant, food products, etc. There are many online opportunities for you like, you can be a blogger or YouTuber, or an online salesperson. 

Numerology Number 7 - Career Options

Number 7



Ketu is the lower portion of the body, the peoples with the vibration of the number 7 have to do work hard work and restless work.  They can be a very good public speaker and motivational or spiritual coach with very good voice quality. Such peoples are great thinkers and introverts.  Having analyzing power they are more into a profession like research, writing, spying, detective, teaching,  trainer, the medical profession, consultant, etc. As they are more spirituality, professions related to occult science like numerology, astrology, and tarot reading are good for them. Other career options which they like to do are spiritual master, healer, etc. 

Numerology Number 8 - Career Options

Number 8



Saturn is the lord of karma, So the people born with the vibration with the number 8 have to do karma for success, Such a person cannot opt career like the share market, or lottery, Luck should not be a major factor for them in earning money. Such a person can become an investor, fund manager, banker, administrator, or labor, work related to coal and oil is also best for them. Real estate and work related to property matters should be the first option for them. They can also be a politician and organizer. Tying for a government job leads them to success in life. Humanitarian, occult science and philosophy is also a good choice for them.

Numerology Number 9 - Career Options

Number 9



In numerology, mars are fire elements so people with the vibration of number 9 are warriors and more into the Army and Police officer field. As they are very energetic, So they are good in sports and the medical profession. Business-related in iron and steel is also good for them, They can be good surgeons, dentists, butchers, chemists, and engineers, and also can do business related to construction, real estate or property work, and mining. Having an interest in earning quick money can also try in the share market as an advisor.

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  • Career-related to Rahu.
  • Career-related to Mercury.
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    1. you have your destiny 3 best option for them, be it acting, writing, singing, standup comedians, etc you also can opt for a political career, team leaders, army officers, commanders, etc. Also can be successful as Lawyers, Public Speakers, PRs, Teachers, Trainers, motivators, medicos

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