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Sagittarius Ascendant - Nature

The ruling planet of Sagittarius ascendant is Jupiter, who is considered to be the guru of the gods. The people of Sagittarius ascendant like freedom. They are calm in nature. They do not trust anyone quickly, so they rarely get cheated in life. The people of Sagittarius Ascendant are simple, so sometimes people take advantage of their simplicity. They are also religious.They get what they want in life, but most of the people of Sagittarius ascendant do not achieve their goal because they do not know what their goal is. As their Ascendant sign is half human and horse with bow and arrow in hand, it is obvious that they are very conscious of their goal. They are kind in nature. Straight talkers are ] honest people. But sometimes speaking truth also hurts someone's heart.The people of Sagittarius ascendant are very intelligent and with their intelligence, they find solutions to the biggest problems. They like to do all your work according to the rules. They have a strong hatred for false people and they do not like artificial people at all. There was no pretense of any kind in them. People often forget to understand them because they are plain, simple and clear.They have special interest in astrology, art, music, mathematics and legal science and they also achieve success in these fields. They do not have a feeling of jealousy towards anyone. They appreciate the work of others. They are very hardworking. You also have a lot of patience. You don't hesitate to help others. They have to face enemies in love affairs during their life time.

Sagittarius  Ascendant - Health

The people of Sagittarius ascendant usually lead a healthy life. But some people of Sagittarius ascendant often have to face back pain, lung related diseases, allergies and thigh related diseases. Apart from this, due to their bad eating habits, they also complain of joint pain.

Sagittarius  Ascendant - Physical Appearance

The eyes of the native of Sagittarius Ascendant seem to be in some thought as if searching for someone. Their lips are very beautiful and their hair is very thick. Their face is big and his eyes are beautiful. The people of Sagittarius ascendant move at a fast pace. Their body is strong and similar to a sportsperson. They make special gestures such as dramatic postures with their faces. Their height is normal or taller than that. Their lips often appear to be smiling.

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