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Leo Ascendant - Nature

People born in Leo ascendant are intelligent, courageous, loyal, independent, leading others, and self-confident. They leave what they decide to do. They are people who stay always happy. Even if they ever get sad, they will still be seen with a smile on their face. When someone insults them or makes fun of them, they get very angry and start becoming aggressive. Whether they are right or wrong, they stick to their point. Leo Ascendant people act wisely. Along with the mind, they also listen to the heart. They give great importance to old principles and traditions. Leo ascendant people are concerned about others. They are very attractive. They take care of their close ones and never leave their side and always think in their best interest. They are loyal even in love matters. They have many desires which cannot be fulfilled. They have a generous heart, so they forgive others quickly. Leo Ascendant is very jealous and sometimes they take the wrong path to get benefits. Leo ascendant people are often killed by their egos. Sometimes they become very arrogant due to which misconceptions are formed in the minds of people about them. They don't like working under someone. The people of Leo ascendant are mostly art lovers, music lovers, painters, and writers.

Leo Ascendant - Health

The people of Leo ascendant are more prone to diseases related to the heart and mind. Back and bone pain, lung diseases, allergies, and eye problems are also frequently seen in them. Apart from this, due to excessive blood, anger, and mental stress, they are also at risk of heart attack and injury. People of Leo ascendant should avoid mental stress, otherwise, they may suffer from very dangerous diseases.

Leo Ascendant - Physical Appearance

The physical structure of a Leo ascendant is very strong. Their face is oval, puffy and red. Their eyes seem to be very beautiful and express emotion. Their smile is very beautiful. Their hair is shiny. Their height is medium and their shoulders are broad. Their color is clear and they are also very attractive to look at.

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