Ketu in Vedic Astrology | Effects, Role, Importance and Remedies for Ketu

The Ketu - Vedic Astrology

ketu in vedic astrology

Ketu denotes the dragon's tail in Hindu mythology. This Chayagrah is also malevolent and vicious. Ketu is a celestial point in the Zodiac with controlled movement and orbit, and it has a specific and predictable impact on the horoscope. Ketu, also known as the Karaka of Moksha in Vedic astrology, is one of the most powerful planets. It is a headless, half-planet known as the Shadow Planet. It is the planet of separation, and it takes things away. It bestows psychic talents on its inhabitants and trains them to be masters of the healing arts, natural healing, healing herbs, spices, cuisines, tantric healing, and curing those plagued by bad spirits and ghosts.

Ketu is a mystery planet in Vedic astrology, hence it produces surprising outcomes. This planet is in charge of developing one's intuition. Ketu is wind-dominated, old, powerful at night, animalistic, obsessive, compulsive, and unaware of his conduct. As a result, it is regarded as a moksha-Karak (cause of liberation from the cycle of birth and death). It bestows spiritual inclinations, asceticism, and the ability to be detached from worldly cravings and goals. 

Because of Rahu and Ketu, lunar and solar eclipses occur. In some formulations, Ketu's presence brings good fortune, while in others, it brings bad luck. As a result, its significance in astrology becomes even more.

Effects of Ketu

Ketu's severity can range from mild to severe, causing the loss of an entire enterprise, a sudden shift in power, public humiliation for no apparent reason, being trapped in a trap, daydreaming, and the loss of love for no apparent reason. Ketu destroys the power of the planet with which it is conjunct, causing the planet to behave erratically. Ketu gives prosperity to the devotee's family, cures snakebite and disease caused by harmful stuff entering one's body, and bestows excellent health, riches, livestock, and overall prosperity.

If Ketu is benefic in your birth chart, it will bring good fortune to the house where it is located, most likely in its dasa antardasa. A well-placed Ketu symbolizes a powerful philosophical mind that is also intuitive. You will experience various levels of change in your life, which might range from a significant decline to a start. The native will continue on his spiritual path. It enhances a person's career and ensures their longevity. Students with a strong Ketu are academically successful and have excellent learning abilities.

Ketu's negative effect might render one's character impious. Life disappointment and untruthfulness are some of the traits associated with Rahu's impact. It causes a lot of sorrow and agony, and it makes a person's life stressful.  Financial and company losses are typical occurrences. It is detrimental to one's own health as well as one's grandparents. A person's expectations will skyrocket, and he or she may lose sight of his or her family's obligations. A malefic Ketu places impediments in the way of the native's education. An incorrectly positioned Ketu in the horoscope can increase the possibilities of accidents, financial loss, and agricultural losses, among other things.

Remedies for weak Ketu

Because it is thought that Ketu dwells in dogs, one of the most widely recommended cures for planet Ketu is to feed and shelter street dogs.

Maintain friendly interactions with young children at all times.

Always bathe in the shower.

Worship Lord Ganesha and offer him Durva grass (Lord Ganesha's favorite) while reciting Shri Ganapati AtharvashirshaStotra to strengthen Ketu. You can also worship Matsya, Lord Vishnu's fish incarnation.

On Thursday, donate Kulthi dal (black mustard seeds), which would be a highly effective Ketu cure put in all houses of the horoscope.

All planets in the solar system follow predetermined patterns that regulate most of our lives and dictate our every activity. This is why there is always a tinge of passion and magic in the air. A flag on a pole, a mace, an arrow, and the Swastika is the principal symbols connected with Ketu. In astrology, the planet Ketu influences spiritual pursuits and enlightenment.

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