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Repeated Number 4 in Numerology and Lo Shu Grid.

Repeated Number 4  2 in Lo Shu Grid

Number 4







Gold, Purple

Once - If 4 comes only once in your date of birth then You have the quality of handicrafts and you give birth to new works of art with the power of your ideas. You can be a good sculptor. You are practical and imaginative. You do your work in a stable order. You don't give much importance to old customs. You are independent and hardworking. Whatever work you start, you bring it to the end. You are adept at debating and making new plans.

Twice - If 4 comes twice in your date of birth then You are worldly and pay more attention to the body. There's magic in your hands that creates new things, Whether it's good or bad, you speak. You are practical and do your work properly. You can earn a lot of money in life by using the art of hands. You progress a lot in life and you also have a stable bank balance.

Thrice - If 4 comes thrice in your date of birth then You are very hardworking and become very worldly, your mind starts moving in both good and bad ways. You are not able to use your talent properly and all the attention goes to your world and your body. Sometimes your mind gets up from the world and even tries to leave everything, After coming at one point in life, you can also go towards meditation and devotion.

Four TimesIf 4 comes four times in your date of birth then you lose intellectual and religious abilities because of too much attention to the body. A person like you also becomes a great explorer and scientist. You have to do more physical work in life. Along with the mind, you also have to work with the body. You have a stable amount of money.

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