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Repeated Number 3 in Numerology and Lo Shu Grid.

Repeated Numbers  3 in Lo Shu Grid

Number 3








One Time - If 3 comes only once in your date of birth then you have a very sharp mind and you are a knowledgeable person. You have the power of leading. You set the goal first and then work hard to achieve it. You do any work with complete planning. You achieve success in life with gradual growth. 

Twice If 3 comes twice in your date of birth then you are a creative person and you have good imagination power and are very fond of art and music. A person who has 3 numbers twice in date of birth becomes a professor, writer, etc., and conveys thoughts to the people through the path of words. You have the knowledge, due to which you also become arrogant of your knowledge.

Thrice If 3 comes thrice in your date of birth then your mind gets separated from the world and your thoughts also do not match with the world. You get attached to spirituality and start sharing your knowledge everywhere. You get lost in rich fantasies and enjoy them. Because of your mental capacity, you do not listen to people and start arguing.

Four Times If 3 comes four times in your date of birth then you project your qualities and behavior as ego. Due to a lack of coordination with the world, fear also arises in your mind. You are very imaginary and give your advice everywhere, become overconfident and due to the abundance of knowledge, ego also comes in you. You should keep quiet where you are not asked anything. 

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