Planet Venus (Shukra) in Vedic Astrology | Effects, Role, Importance and Remedies for Weak Venus

The Venus - Vedic Astrology

Venus in Vedic astrology

The planet Venus orbits the Sun at a considerably closer distance than the Earth. Venus is known as the Goddess of Love, Marriage, Beauty, and Convenience. Venus is said to be the most favorable planet for modern existence. It bestows to the native all materialistic benefits and luxurious stuff. Venus is a crucial component of astrology since it governs two important parts of your life: happiness, love, and creative expression. Your love expectations, your attitude to your relationship partner, the things that will make you happy in a relationship, and what will be your love expectations and inner desires are all influenced by Venus. 

The planet Venus rules the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. This world revolves around love, sex, marriage, dancing, music, and the pursuit of beauty in all forms. Venus's warmth will entice you to fall in love with them. Venus has a Sign and is most potent in a certain area of your life represented by your House. Venus takes 225 days to complete its zodiac orbit, and it never gets closer to the Sun than 47 degrees. It's a feminine force. Venus is known as Lucifer and Hesperus in Western Astrology. It is referred to as Aphrodite by the Greeks. Nana is the Babylonian name for it. It was given the name Ashtoreth by the Hebrews.


Effects of Planet Venus

Venus is associated with ordinary height, a chubby figure, around and pimpled face, or an oval and appealing face. It assists a person in discovering their creative potential and guiding them in the most effective expression of their creativity. People who are aware of their Venus sign can better explore their creative side. They will have a better understanding of their creative mind, and as a result, they will be able to get the most out of their creative impulses since they will know the direction in which their mind runs beautifully.

When the Sun aligns with Venus in the native's horoscope, the individual will experience amiability, contentment, ease of living, luxury, and so on. He will be gentle and courteous, and he will humbly respect others. The local will feel amiability, satisfaction, ease of living, luxury, and so on when the Sun and Venus align in his or her horoscope. He'll be nice and courteous, and he'll treat people with humility. Because Venus is a feminine planet, those with strong Venus in their birth chart are more likely to work in occupations that deal with women.

Afflicted Venus may not present you with a timely marriage, and married life may be difficult. It has the potential to break the harmonical relationships. Skin problems, challenges in your love life, and other relationships, and reproduction between man and woman are all negative repercussions of a person with a weak planet Venus. Venus is in charge of the eyes, nose, chin, neck, sexual organs, kidneys, and bladder, among other things. A misplaced Venus suggests that these organs aren't working properly. Since Venus also represents black money or unjust money, if Venus is polluted, the native will feel compelled to make quick money by any means necessary, and all of the money acquired will be spent on gratifying one's senses in some way.

Remedies for weak Venus

Always wear clean clothes and avoid wearing garments that haven't been cleaned.

Make curd a part of your meal. Subtract rice, sugar, and all-purpose flour from your diet. Take a walk in the morning. Wear a white rhinestone necklace.

Give sweets to tiny aged girls and widows, as Venus is a feminine planet.

If you are running under the Mahadasha of "Venus," the day Venus rules is Friday, you may expect higher results on this day.

On Friday, contact the flesh in the middle finger with a diamond set in gold or silver ring after cleaning it with milk and water and doing puja.

Before heading for an important job, eat some sugar.


Venus, like Jupiter, is a minister in the planetary Cabinet (Brihaspati). It has a multicolored complexion. It is also known as the morning star and may be easily identified when seen early in the morning in the north direction. The brightest planet in the sky is this one. Mercury and Saturn are both attracted to it. It's hostile to moon, sun, and Mars. Jupiter is seen as neutral. Venus is the planet that governs relationships with others. It governs beauty, including both the capacity to attract and the desire to be attracted to others (and things). The energy of Venus is peaceful, which is why persons with Venus prominent in their horoscopes are typically peacemakers. As a result, the planet Venus is significant in both Astrology and Astronomy. As a Kalathra Karaka, it is a significant planet to characterize our marriage, which is one of the most crucial events in our lives.

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