Planet Saturn in Vedic Astrology | Effects, Role, Importance and Remedies for Saturn

The Saturn - Astrology

The Saturn in Astrology

Saturn may be seen as a harsh planet in Vedic astrology. However, it is sometimes referred to as the God of Justice. The direction and outcomes of a person are determined by their activities. Saturn has been dubbed the carrier of karma's fruit. A just person is rewarded with favourable outcomes, whereas a poor deed will result in a negative outcome. When compared to the other planets, Saturn moves the slowest. Its effect is linked to adversity and struggle, both of which may strengthen our character and offer us essential lessons for overcoming life's challenges. Saturn is connected with limitations and restraints. Saturn contracts where Jupiter grows.

Saturn is the most misunderstood planet in astrology, as it is the final planet to be considered in Vedic astrology. People are suspicious of Saturn, and they are frequently concerned about the negative effects of Saturn's aspect. Your Way of Structure is represented by Saturn. Its location in Sign and House tells how we wish to organise our lives and where we must overcome or accept limitations. The Sun's Son is Saturn.  Shani Dev is the Sun's polar opposite, according to mythology. Consider Saturn as a tool for you to define yourself and deal with limits. Saturn is the planet that represents limits and obligations.

Effects of Saturn

Saturn is associated with ageing, unhappiness, and formality in astrology. He is also the ruler of the zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Furthermore, Saturn is a malefic planet, and while its presence might help us become stronger, wiser, and better able to manage life, it can also bring us a lot of pain and disaster. Saturn provides definition and frequently limitation to the planets it interacts with (some of which is required, some of which is not). Saturnians are frail, bony, and have a pale or black complexion. The person's face is either gloomy or he appears to be much older than he is.

In the case of Saturn's blessing, a person becomes a superb scholar with excellent linguistic skills. Saturn has the ability to convert riches into ashes, yet when it is kind, it bestows enormous wealth.  Patience, hard work, caution, frugality, economy, saving, endurance, industry, thrift, the capacity to keep secrets, stability, self-control, sense of responsibility, and so on are all attributes of a beneficial Saturn. A person will be trustworthy, honest, truthful, faithful, and chaste, among other qualities. Saturn's favourites have a lot of opportunities in the mechanical, furnace, leather, cement, and other trades.

If Saturn is malefic, however, the person may have difficulties in life. He might be afflicted with gastrointestinal disorders. There's a good risk he'll lose his fortune or be imprisoned as well. Saturn's affliction will result in delays, disappointments, conflict, difficulties, despair, dejection, and disagreements. Under the malefic Saturn's influence, lazy, sluggish, and indolent people are born. He might also be afflicted with gastric ailments. There's a good risk he'll lose his fortune or be imprisoned as well. Life becomes miserable for the individual whose horoscope is shaded by Saturn's illusory, but such preconceptions about Saturn are incorrect.

Remedies for a weak Saturn

  • Spend some time sitting under the sacred fig (peepal) tree.
  • Eat basic cuisine, live in a clean and airy area, wear iron rings.
  • Restrain yourself from alcoholic beverages and meat.
  • Apply a tilak to the forehead using milk or curd.
  • It will be beneficial to visit a temple.
  • It's possible that feeding three dogs can help you get through Saturn's difficult time.
  • feeding milk or grains to crows or buffalos may help you overcome Saturn's negative influence.
  • People with weak Saturn must avoid drinking or smoking.

A single orbit around the Sun takes around 29 and a half years for Saturn which is quite a long time. Cronus was a Titan and the father of Zeus in Greek mythology. Cronus ate his offspring in order to keep his throne as King of the Gods. That is until Zeus was born and his wife, Rhea, tricked him into eating a stone. Shani, according to Hindu mythology, is the son of Sun and Chhaya. As a result, Shani is also known as Chhaya Putra. Shani Dev is the Sun's polar opposite, according to mythology.

Saturn's best trait is humility. Saturn, according to astrology, destroys the ego and makes individuals humble. Saturn despises waste and any forms of overindulgence. The day regulated by Saturn is "Saturday," and if someone is following the Mahadasha of "Saturn," he might expect greater outcomes on this day. This seniority also comes with a modicum of power, which Saturn wields. Every encounter may teach us something valuable. Saturn is a great teacher, and as such, he is linked to authority and people in positions of power and control over us. Even Saints can't escape the karmic cycle, let alone ordinary people like me or you!

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