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Taurus Ascendant - Nature

Taurus ascendant is mainly related to Venus. People of Taurus ascendant are often stubborn and shy in nature. They have their own principles. They do not get attracted to anyone very quickly. Such people give more importance to worldly pleasures and they are successful in the field of work. They don't like to hang out with anyone. It is very difficult to understand them, so they also have to face difficulties in making friends. They do not like to lie. Do not hesitate to praise anyone. They have a special interest in art or are fond of food and drink. Many times the people of Taurus ascendant spoil their health due to greed in the matter of food and drink. People of Taurus ascendant are serious and far-sighted. They take any decision only after examining the future results. Although anger is useful to them, when it comes, it is not easy to pacify them. People of Taurus ascendant are of romantic nature or have high expectations from their life partner, so they choose their life partner wisely. They are also kind and have a desire to earn money in life. They are not inclined to make quick changes in your life and hence they spend a lot of their time in one place.

Taurus Ascendant - Health

The people of Taurus ascendant are less ill, but if they fall ill, then the chances of their quick recovery are very less. They are victims of sexual dysfunction. They have problems with the kidneys, genitals and bladder, neck, and throat. Other health problems may be related to the kidneys and reproductive organs. With aging, there may be digestive diseases, more blood-related diseases, etc. Long life, they often feel pain because they are not able to accept physical weakness as they get older.

Taurus Ascendant - Physical Appearance

The person born in this ascendant has a big and wide forehead. The eyes are big and shiny, the neck is a bit thick and erect. The complexion is clear, the hair of dark color, the eyes are big and beautiful. The body is developed or the mouth is round, the neck is short and the thighs are strong. The shoulders are strong and the arms are strong. Such persons have a fear of becoming fat. We can see their anatomy by associating it with a bull because their body is as strong as a bull. The ears are often large and are eye-catching.

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