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Gemini Ascendant - Nature

The people of Gemini ascendant are very smart, they have the art of using anyone by using their sweet language. People of Gemini ascendant keep changing their decisions and plans, due to which it is a bit difficult to understand and trust them. It is not in their nature to keep doing work for a long time, due to which the lack of stability is visible in their life. They are interested in spirituality and they keep trying to do something new. The people of Gemini ascendant are open-minded and they create their own world with their imagination, the people of Gemini ascendant keep daydreaming and are lost in thoughts. There are more chances of getting success in the field of education and art, they are also interested in song, music, dance, art. Their brainpower is very fast, due to which they remember everything.

Gemini Ascendant - Health

People with Gemini ascendant have problems related to breathing and hearing in life. People of Gemini ascendant also suffer from problems related to lungs and pain in the body. Working hard without rest also give a bad effect on their health. The people of Gemini ascendant may also have to face diseases like tuberculosis, asthma.

Gemini Ascendant - Physical Appearance

The height of the people of Gemini ascendant is above average and their complexion is fair. Their speaking skills are very good and there is a different sparkle in their eyes. Their eyes are very beautiful to look at and have small chin. They also look beautiful and attractive. Their forehead is broad. Despite all the qualities, they have to face health-related problems in life.

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