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Aries Ascendant - Nature

Being ready to do any work is the biggest quality of Aries ascendant. Aries sign people have leadership abilities as well as energy and strength. Bowing down in front of someone is against their pride, so their nature is also a bit angry but they are also good and have a kind heart. They do not like to work under anyone, nor do they follow anyone's orders. The quality of helping others in everything makes them a respected person in society. They have more attention towards beautiful women. the people of Aries ascendant enjoy wealth, vehicles, and all kinds of worldly pleasures.  It is also in their nature to get angry quickly. If the people of Aries ascendant get angry then it's easy to cool them down. They have a habit of taking initiative in any work. They have an interest in art and are intelligent as well as emotional. Due to haste, they also have to face many problems.

Aries Ascendant - Health

People of Aries ascendant have problems related to nerves and at the same time, they may have to face problems like headaches and migraines in life. People of Aries ascendant also suffer from the problem of nervous system and piles. They should also take care of their food and drink, otherwise, there may be a problem of indigestion. There can be birthmark on their face or head since birth. Due to haste in every work, they may also have to face physical accidents. The problem of high blood pressure is also seen in the people of Aries ascendant.

Aries Ascendant - Physical Appearance

People of Aries ascendant have average height and have a strong and attractive body. Their power can be judged only by looking at them. There are also marks of injury on their body. Their hair is curly and brown in color. Their body structure is strong and their veins are clearly visible.

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