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Pisces Ascendant - Nature

The people of Pisces ascendant are omniscient. Their mind is very sharp, so they get very good results in the field of education. They are Shy and kind. The slightest thing of someone can disturb their mind. Pisces means fish, so their nature is also like a fish. They like to be near water. Their nature is mysterious. They become friends with anyone easily. Their self-confidence is weak. They also have a strong desire to get money. They never cheat anyone and they are very loyal. They are not very practical but they have a good way of explaining their point to someone. They have less power to take any decision. They adapt themselves according to the environment around them. They never want to hurt anyone with their words, but even then, knowingly or unknowingly, some of their words sometimes become bad for other human beings. They like to do the work of their own free will. They change their mind after listening to someone's point of view. The girls of Pisces ascendant are very beautiful and attractive. She has all the qualities of being an ideal woman. In love affairs, the people of Pisces ascendant are of the romantic type. They live in the world of dreams. They feel that the world is the same as they think in their mind.

Pisces Ascendant - Health

You are sensitive to the weather. As the season's change, your health starts to change. You are prone to air-related problems. Apart from this, you should take special care of your feet. Problems like arthritis and diabetes can also bother you. Minimize the consumption of sweets.

Pisces Ascendant - Physical Appearance

The people of Pisces ascendant would have big eyes and beautiful smiles. Their gait is attractive. The height of the person of this ascendant may be normal, tall, and less than normal. Their legs, feet, and arms can be small. They are cool to look at. As the nature of Pisces ascendant, their physical appearance is also mysterious.

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