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Repeated Number 8 in Numerology and Lo Shu Grid.

Repeated Numbers  8 in Lo Shu Grid

Number 8







Blue -Green 

Once - If 8 comes only once in your date of birth then You do all your work in a perfect way, Your decision power is good and you change your decisions very quickly. You are honest and manage your time well but sometimes you skip work due to laziness. If the work is of your choice, then do it all day and night. You are an expert in planning money, you have an account of every rupee. If you go to a party, marriage, anywhere with friends or relatives, Your body is with them but the mind is somewhere else. You like to do different things

TwiceIf 8 comes twice in your date of birth then You take your decisions in a hurry, you are accepted in life. You are stubborn and don't change your decisions. To get success, you have to work harder than other people in life. Your nature gets irritated and you also get angry very quickly. You do not trust anyone quickly, because you are so afraid of getting cheated.

Thrice - If 8 comes thrice in your date of birth then Your nature is serious, you get success after working hard. You want to go towards worldly pleasures and you want to enjoy all the things that you can get from money. You do not make any compromises for yourself Always have a desire to get good things for yourself. You are stingy and there is a greed for money.

Four TimesIf 8 comes Four Times in your date of birth then You remain constant in whatever work you start and you are also interested in spirituality and occult education, there can be a problem in married life too. You either make a lot of progress in life or you deviate from your goals. Your biggest goal is to find a goal in life.

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