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Repeated Number 7 in Numerology and Lo Shu Grid.

Repeated Numbers  7 in Lo Shu Grid

Number 7








Once - If 7 comes only once in your date of birth then You will get family support and you will also get the happiness of children. Your attachment to family is more and your focus is more on your body. You are in favor of both Love and Arrange Marriage. You do your own thing but you also obey your family members. You learn from your mistakes and after making a mistake, you keep on regretting it. You take care that you do not make the same mistake again and again. You are hardworking and always ready to work, your body is also strong. You cut the point of others very quickly and keep your views. As your age increases, your focus will shift towards spirituality.

Twice - If 7 comes twice in your date of birth then your focus will be more on your body. The body is strong and in youth, you would like to achieve everything on your own strength, But as the body starts getting weak then you will bend towards your religion. When you get sorrow and pain, Then you feel like leaving everything and go towards spirituality.

Thrice - If 7 comes only thrice in your date of birth then You can lose money, family, and health by your mistake. Excess of any number is not good. Your mistakes can lead to your failure. You need a guru in life who can show you the right direction in life. It is one thing that because of suffering and suffering, power is created in you. Inner consciousness is created in you which enables you to fight with any trouble. People like you touch the heights of spirituality. Those who have 777 in their birth date also have problems in love and partnerships, so be careful if you have 777 in your birth chart. This number is a sign for you that you should spend your life in spirituality.

Four-Time - If 7 comes four times in your date of birth then You will be in trouble in everything money, love, health, etc. There are very few people who have 7777 in the date of birth, so we will not give much thought to it. You will make many difficulties on many fronts of life. Marriage life is not good.

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