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Repeated Number 5 in Numerology and Lo Shu Grid.

Repeated Numbers 5 in Lo Shu Grid

Number 5








Once - If 5 comes only once in your date of birth then you are full of excitement and have confidence in yourself. You can understand the sentiments of the people and can express your thoughts openly. You are kind in nature and there is moderation in your speech. You work by sticking to one place and are also good at handling business. There is stability in your life and you are a person of your words, your nature is your caring. You have good communication and speaking skills.

TwiceIf 5 comes twice in your date of birth then Your willpower is very good and you have a strong intention to do something.  Sometimes you become overconfident and hurts people's feelings You have a habit of exaggerating everything. Because of having compulsive willpower, your get progress in life. You are also a risk-taker and a little emotional too, if you say something wrong to someone, then you will also regret it later. You do not afraid of troubles and you have the passion to do something. You are a hard worker and you are an expert in your work.

Thrice - If 5 comes thrice in your date of birth then Your willpower becomes very high, due to which there are also negative effects. you lose control by talking too much. You lose control while speaking, due to which there can be quarrels and the relationship also gets spoiled. You should control your speech and speak thoughtfully. You should not speak on the matter of others and should be silent and quiet. you shouldn't take the risk. you are a determined person.

Four TimesIf 5 comes four times in your date of birth then You keep speaking inside yourself, due to which there is mental disturbance and problems in the heart. There is also the fear of accidents. In whatever work you do, your action remains constant in it. You start any work immediately. 

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