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Cancer Ascendant - Nature

Cancer ascendant is considered to be the most powerful in astrology. The lord of Cancer ascendant is Moon and Moon is also known as the princely planet. People of this ascendant are chubby and of medium stature. People of Cancer ascendant are lucky from birth. The symbol of Cancer ascendant is the Crab which hides the affectionate nature inside itself but shows the difficult nature from outside. People of Cancer ascendant are emotional and kind and due to their kind nature, they never back down in helping the needy. Sometimes they get very angry and sometimes they also become jealous. They also have insanity and are also shy and quiet. They also know how to attract others and win the hearts of others. They care a lot about others. Their intelligence is very sharp and their memory is also very strong. They are hard-working and punctual. They are playful and dreamy by nature. People of Cancer ascendant are often rich and famous but they get relatively less family happiness. If the position of the planets in the horoscope is good, then the people of Cancer ascendant are appointed to high positions. They also get good results in the political field. 

Cancer Ascendant - Health

Cancer ascendant people have to face phlegm, gastric, liver, and other beverage-related diseases. Indigestion is likely to be gas, a general problem related to the stomach, liver, and intestines. Apart from this, they often get weak eyesight and diseases related to the brain. Due to being more sensitive, their digestive power is very weak. There is a possibility of gastric and other stomach-related diseases.

Cancer Ascendant - Physical Appearance

Cancer ascendant people are chubby. Their face is small and their nose is also small. Their eyes are beautiful and the chin is round. Their upper body is short and the legs are relatively longer than the torso. And their height is also often small. Generally, their hair is thin and dark. Some people of Cancer ascendant have brown or blue eye color. The upper part of their body is strong.

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