What is Mars (Mangal) in Astrology? Importance, Role, Benefits and Remedies of Mars (Mangal) in Astrology

The Mars - Astrology

Mars in astrology

The red planet, often known as Mars, is one of the nine planets known in astrology. After all, Mars is the action planet of the zodiac, therefore it should be fiery. Mars is the Putra (son) of planet Earth, according to Hindu mythology, and is also associated with Kartikeya, the god of battle. Mars is considered the deity of Buddhists and the God of Romans in Western Astrology. It is also known as the God of War and Hunting. It is heavily influenced by one's ambitions and ambition. It represents the five senses. It is often regarded as a malevolent planet. Planet Mars has captivated not only astrological fans but also scientists and Scientologists. Despite the fact that scientists in the twentieth century proved that Mars is red, this depiction can be found in numerous Vedic writings. The day regulated by Mars is Tuesday, and if he is ruled over the Mahadasha of Mars, he may anticipate greater outcomes on this day. Mars is the ruler of the Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs. With boldness and a competitive mentality, Mars assists us in taking on obstacles, fighting head-on, and winning against the odds. It represents all bodily forces.

Effects of Mars in Astrology

It's worth noting that Mars' energy may be both productive and harmful. Mars, the God of War in ancient times, could be quite aggressive. Mars bestows an excellent personality if it is situated favorably in your birth chart. It will be quite advantageous to you. You will be incredibly quick-witted and will make judgments quickly. Such a person often has strong ideals and is a justice-loving spirit who is driven by ambition and bravery. They are in command of their aggressive inclinations and employ them appropriately. Mars is the planet that inspires the natives to be daring and self-sufficient. Your adversary will not dare to confront you. Most individuals will obey your commands.

An afflicted Mars, on the other hand, may make a person timid and scared, and if Mars is too powerful in the chart, it can make a person aggressive and prone to self-destructive anger. One of them is going to be a brawler. One should constantly be prepared for aggression and will not hesitate to use force. A person who has been afflicted by Mars may become unmotivated. Overall, Martians are irritable, like expressing themselves and winning arguments.

Mars is often associated with the head, muscle, testicles, sexual vigor, blood, extreme fever, inflammations, burns, bleeding, miscarriage, smallpox, sunstroke, measles, surgical procedures, wounds, epidemics, excessive thirst, harm from fire, poison, or weapon; dry and rough skin, bone fracture. They may also experience fatigue, muscle weakness, inflammation, headaches, high fevers, and other symptoms.

Because Mars is a hot planet, a resident may find work in the military, police, weaponry, and ammunition, and so on. Mars has a significant effect on the 2nd, 6th, or 10th house for hunters and gunners. Mars rules over chemists, dentists, surgeons, butchers, and barbers.

Remedies for Mars

It claims that if a person with Mangal Dosh in their birth charts marries someone who is not Mangali, it would result in the death of their spouse, as well as unrest, and lack of prosperity. Remedies to use for Mangal or Mars-related issues such as Dasha or Antardasha include,

  • The Mangalastotra should be recited.
  • Replace sugar with jaggery.
  • It is necessary to part-take in Kartikeyapooja or Rudrabhishekha.
  • Sleep on the floor or in low-rise beds if possible.
  • Recite the Hanuman Chalisa or the KartikeyaStotra more often.
  • Tuesdays are the days for fasting.
  • Wear a Rudraksha with three Mukhis.
  • Drink water from pots.

Finally, if correctly utilized, Mars' energy may be highly beneficial. Simply said, Mars represents the individual's might and self-assurance. Mars, as we all know, causes Mangal dosha when its position in the horoscope is weak or not in the right position. Red Coral is the prized gemstone for the planet Mars. Mars is the ruler of all red stones. As a result, the planet Mars is significant in both Astrology and Astronomy. It is a representation of the red blood cells found in the human body. Giving birth to a kid is a significant event on the planet. As a result, it is a crucial planet for females to conceive a child. Mars' circle around the zodiac takes about two years to complete. Mars, like Jupiter and Saturn, is classified as an outer planet. Both our mother planet Earth and the planet Mars spin around the Sun at different rates. Mars spends around 45 days in each sign and roughly two years traveling around the zodiac belt. The expression "actions speak louder than words" appears to have been coined with Martian energy in mind. In summary, they want to learn from and with their partners, business partners, and romantic partners, and they are prepared to go to tremendous lengths to fulfill that goal.

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