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Virgo Ascendant - Nature

The natives of Virgo ascendant are intelligent.  The people of Virgo ascendant would have their arms bent forward as they contain female gestures, due to which they are a bit shy. They have the ability to understand any topic easily. They are skilled in planning. They can easily solve even the most difficult problems. They have a lot of patience. They are happy in themselves and their voice is also melodious. The people of Virgo ascendant do not like to fight because they are soft and weak from the inside. Their way of explaining is impressive. They are not courageous. They know very well how to use the time. If they ever need someone, they speak easily. People of this zodiac have a friendly nature. They are very fond of grooming.

They are very emotional. The women of Virgo ascendant take full care of the family at home. Loves children and respects elders. They are very interested in reading. They are very fond of cooking and feeding. They often like to feed others by making new things in the kitchen. They are skilled in planning. People of Virgo ascendant sometimes take wrong decisions by getting carried away by emotions, due to which they sometimes have to suffer losses. They come very quickly in the words of others. They are hardworking and are also duty-oriented towards work.

Virgo Ascendant - Health

Constipation and lung-related problems are often common in the people of Virgo ascendant. They need to be very careful while eating and drinking. Things with chili spices and outside food can make problems. Apart from this, problems related to intestines and genitals are also common to them.

Virgo Ascendant - Physical Appearance

The people of Virgo ascendant are beautiful to look at. Their face is round, full, with dark hair and a straight nose. Their eyes, cheeks, and forehead are beautiful. Their voice is thin and sharp. Their gait is slightly faster than normal and they are among those who take measured steps. Their height is medium. They look younger than their age. Their body is soft.

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