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 Aquarius Ascendant - Nature

The people of Aquarius ascendant are shy and they do not like to talk much to anyone. They are peace-loving and self-conscious people. They never have bad feelings for others. They listen carefully and understand what others have to say. They are always ahead to help others. They are fair and patient. People trust them easily. Although they do not like to talk to anyone much, whenever they sit down with someone, the other person becomes ready to share all the things of their mind with them. They are self-respecting and independent in nature. He never liked working under anyone. That is why most of the people of Aquarius ascendant prefer to do business rather than a job. If someone ever helps them, they never forget them. They can be stubborn sometimes. It is very difficult to convince them of the thing for which they refuse. They are also kind in nature. Seeing someone's misery, they themselves become sad. In love affairs, the people of Aquarius ascendant are of romantic nature. They do not like artificial things at all, so they do not like to show off in love relationships, but they still try to give happiness to their partner in every possible way. They never rush to take any decision, they reach any conclusion only after much thought.

 Aquarius  Ascendant - Physical Appearance

The face of the Aquarius ascendant is clean and oval. They are beautiful and attractive to look at. Their forehead is wide and the color is fair. The hair is dark brown. Their eyes are bright as if they are looking for someone. Their shoulders are strong and the neck, waist, and legs are long. They are serious in appearance and have a broad forehead. A slight smile can often be seen on their lips.

 Aquarius Ascendant - Health 

They often have chances of getting heart-related diseases. The problem of high blood pressure and thinking too much is harmful to them. Being sensitive, they start to panic and are prone to neurological disorders. Apart from this, they have problems like respiratory diseases, allergies, and stiffness.

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