Mars Gemstones in Vedic Astrology | Benefits - Who Should Wear and Who Should Not?


Red Corals - Silent knowledge

Mars stand in fourth place from the sun in our solar system. It is also known for being a malefic planet, which might make your life more difficult. Mars is the God of warfare and commander of armies. It is called ‘Mangala’ in Vedic astrology.  It controls war and armed hostilities pilots, construction, athletes and real estate. It is often referred to as the ‘Red planet’, as it conveys the name of the Roman god of war. Mars governs the colour red, plants, foliage, the metal element, and the vitality of life. It is an indicator of force, ambition, vitality, courage and blood circulation. Mars is related to our mind.

Relations between brothers, strength, basic energy, or sexual desire of life is determined by the position of Mars in one’s horoscope. 

A person can become extremely energetic and give his energy to positive endogenic and worthy sources, once the mars are powerfully placed in his/her horoscope. And a person can act odd, strange or squander his time on worthless things, once the mars are troubled.

In Vedic astrology, gemstone plays an important role in one’s life. Each and every planet in our natal chart is governed by a gemstone. Mars related gemstone is Red coral, also known as Praval or Moonga. 


Red coral [praval/ moonga] is the stone primary related to mars. It is the most important gemstone ruled by Mars in astrology. It is also known as Precious coral and it is a part of a genus of marine coral, Corallium. The physical properties of red coral gemstones are mostly collected from calcium carbonate. The durable and intensely coloured red or pink-orange skeleton is its distinguishing characteristic. It is used for making jewellery. 

Top five countries in which red coral gemstones are found in India, Sri Lanka, the U.S.A., Malaysia, and Australia. Natural coral is found in many different colours like pink, red, white, orange, black and blue, although corals can be found in every colour. Red coral gemstones can bring good luck and health, business and career success in your life.


Make the ring or the pendant of the red coral gemstone with silver, gold, or Panchadhatu.

Before wearing the ring or the pendant of this stone, place it in the metal bowl and add Ganga Jal, Tulsi leaves[Indian basil], Unboiled cow’s milk, ghee and honey. 

Wear the ring of the red coral gemstone on the ring finger of the right hand.

The ring or the pendant of this stone should be worn on a Tuesday morning during Shukla paksha before sunrise.

Wearing a red stone gemstone ring or the pendant can provide you required courage or the energy needed to overcome the troubles. 

WARNING: Consult an astrologer before wearing any gemstones. Don’t wear synthetic or duplicate red coral stones as they can harm your mind. Never wear red coral gemstone with Blue sapphire, cat’s eye, emerald, diamond and hessonite.  Leo ascendant and Virgo ascendant are considered to be those who should not wear the red coral stone, as it is not good for them. Never put harsh chemicals on red coral gemstone as it can harm the stone. 


> As being the mars related gemstone, red coral can influence almost all individuals, although some astrologers believe that it is highly suggested for those people who have a great impact on mars in their horoscope. 

> Red coral gemstone helps in overpowering your enemies, rivals, and opponents. This stone is known for its amazing healing effects. 

> If you are suffering from excessive anger issues, then wearing this stone can help in controlling the anger. 

> When the mars planet is weak or conjoined with malefic planets, usually the red coral stone is used to correct the planets. 

> Wearing red coral gemstones can also help in many mental health problems. You can wear this stone if you are going through mental depression. 

> If you got hurt more often like cuts, wounds, and injuries, then this stone can be worn for protection. 

> It can also be worn to overcome skin related problems, like boils, acne and more. It helps in purifying blood. 

> Wearing red coral stone can also help to protect you against evil eyes, black magic. 

> This gemstone in seeking help for troubles in marital life. For people who are suffering from Manglik Dosha, red coral gemstones can also help them. 


> Leo ascendant should not wear this stone as it might have a negative effect on you.

> Native Virgo ascendants are recommended not to wear the red coral stone as mars govern two evil houses which are the third and eighth house.

> Libra ascendant does not seem to have benefited by wearing a red coral gemstone, although it will also not make any harmful effect on them.

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