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Scorpio Ascendant - Nature

The ruling planet of Scorpio ascendant is Mars. Scorpio ascendant people are less emotional and angry. They get angry a lot as if the sign of Scorpio ascendant is a scorpion, then it is obvious that even a small talk of someone can make them angry. They are jealous and suspicious. Sometimes they also start jealous of their close friends or relatives. A little stubborn and arrogant too. They are devoted to karma. They know the mind of anyone with their eyes. They never go on the behest of anyone. They do whatever they want. The people of Scorpio ascendant are very hardworking and knowledgeable. Their intellect is very sharp and they are very courageous. When they make a promise to someone, they keep it. When it comes to their self-esteem, they go to any extent to achieve it. If someone does bad to them, they take revenge on them. When they get angry, sometimes they say bad things too, which they realize later. It is their specialty to go deep into everything. It is their good quality to understand any subject deeply. They work less with heart and more with intellect. They have a desire to earn a lot of money in life. They are just like the rest of the people in appearance but are quite cruel and harsh from the inside. They often follow their own set of rules. They do their job regardless of anyone. They definitely get success in the field of work. They are also of religious nature. They are loyal in love affairs but also jealous and stubborn.

Scorpio Ascendant - Health

The native of Scorpio ascendant has to face problems related to indigestion, constipation, and reproductive organs like uterus, bladder, kidney, genitals. Apart from this, they often appear troubled due to negative thoughts running in their mind. Their age is often short. They are afraid of accidents.

Scorpio Ascendant - Physical Appearance

The lower part of the waist of a Scorpio ascendant is usually smaller than the upper part. Their eyes are bright. Their face is square and their nose is in the right shape. Their eyes are attractive and their eyesight is sharp and deep. They are very attractive to look at. His lips are very beautiful. They easily attract anyone towards them.

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