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Repeated Number 2 in Numerology and Lo Shu Grid.

Repeated Numbers  2 in Lo Shu Grid

Number 2








One TimeIf 2 comes only once in your date of birth then you are a sensitive person and your relationship is good with your life partner. You are gentle, emotional and you also have a supernatural power that knows the mind of others. You love your family very much and  If someone does the wrong thing, you get angry very quickly. little-little things make you sad.

Twice - If 2 comes twice in your date of birth then your mental power is strong. You are good at making decisions. You become a bit fanciful and sensitive but you soon get control over your mind. It is a little difficult to understand you because can't figure out what's you are actually thinking and what's going on in your mind. Your Intuition power is good, You get ideas of the events that Will happen in the future. You can easily know the matter of any person's mind.

Thrice - If 2 come thrice in your date of birth then you live in a world of fantasy. You live in your own life and prefer to be alone. You do not want to keep the burden of someone's favor. You are so sensitive that you cry over small things. Your heart is delicate and takes small things to heart.

Four or Five TimesIf 2 come four or five times in your date of birth then you like to be by yourself and make your own world. You react to small things. You look at life with a difficult nature and you also become skeptical. You have less trust in others and become swedish. You see big dreams and get depressed in trying to fulfill them

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