What is Mercury in Astrology? Role, Importance and Remedies of Mercury in Astrology

 The Mercury - Astrology

Mercury in Astrology

Mercury is a courier for the heavenly cabinet and functions as a prince. Mercury, a neutral planet, is in charge of your reason, perception, and views. Mercury is the planet that is nearest to the sun. Because it is closest to the Sun, it is restless, which causes it to be volatile, fickle, and frequently retrograde. It travels around the sun quicker than any other planet. On feather-light wings, he flies in and tells us to speak. Mercury governs communication, intelligence, and awareness, as well as logic and reasoning, our way of thinking, and how we generate and communicate our thoughts. It represents dual personalities. Gemini and Virgo are the two zodiac signs it controls. 

Mercury is regarded as an auspicious planet in astrology, meaning that it bears fruit in accordance with the alignment of the planets. It regulates your capacity to adapt and modify, as well as your ability to properly communicate yourself and employ diction. This planet also motivates us to travel from one thing to the next and seek solutions on a physical and psychological level. Mercury also has a nimble and observant vitality. Tara is Mercury's mother, and the moon is his father, according to mythology. Tara, on the other hand, is portrayed in Hindu mythology as Guru Jupiter's consort wife.

How does Mercury affect you?

Mercury is one of the greatest planets because it bestows wisdom and prosperity to those who are born under its influence. Chest, nervous system, skin, nose, navel, gall bladder, lungs, nerves, tongue, arms, face, and hair are all karaka planets. These people, like Martians, will appear to be younger than their actual age. The influence of a good and attractive voice is an indication of well-placed mercury. In Indian astrology, this planet is known as the Buddha Graha. Mercury is in charge of speaking, writing, books, internet communications, and education. This world encourages us to express ourselves well and frequently.

If Mercury is strong in a person's horoscope, he or she is likely to be an excellent communicator with persuasive abilities. His words and arguments enchant the individual. Because of the powerful Mercury, the native is intelligent. People who are like this are successful in trade and business. That is, Mercury is placed in a favorable or exaltation sign, which brings positive outcomes. As God's messenger, it provides retentive capacity and reproductive potential. You will be able to tackle many tasks at the same time.

On the other hand, if the native has afflicted mercury, it won’t be good since it makes you agitated. He will constantly be against those he dislikes. He might be a moody individual. As a result, the person may experience physical and mental difficulties. He or she can't seem to keep his ideas straight. Due to poor expressiveness and communication mistakes, such a person frequently has difficulties in social situations. A malefic Mercury causes an unstable mind, a lack of reason, speech abnormalities, learning challenges, skin problems, memory problems, and difficulty understanding and obtaining in-depth information.

What are the Remedies for weak Mercury?

Mercury has the potential to induce Mahadasha or Antardasha. Follow the steps below to lessen the impact.

On Wednesdays, both men and women can fast without consuming any salt.

To appease Buddha Graha, do daily pooja or on auspicious days, especially Vishnu Poojan.

To appease planet Mercury, worship Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, and Lord Rama.

Chew tulsi leaves on an empty stomach in the morning.

Sit under the morning sun for a while.

Eat salad and green vegetables, and chanting Gayatri mantras have all been shown to be beneficial.

Mercury's day is Wednesday, thus if you're following the Mahadasha of Mercury, you may expect greater outcomes on this day.

The Moon is kind to him since he is his son, but Mercury is aware that he is the son of Jupiter's wife, and hence he is at odds with the Moon. Lord Narayana is also represented by the planet Mercury. Mercury is known as a Dev in Hinduism. It is neither masculine nor feminine in nature, and it takes on the gender of the sign-in which it is placed. The nature of Planet Mercury in terms of profession or vocation changes depending on Mercury's alignment with other planets. Mercury is a neutral planet, and its relationship with the other planets is particularly essential since it operates in tandem with the planets with whom it is positioned. Mercury was an important figure in Roman culture. His defined tasks were bestowing good luck, wit, eloquence, and guiding souls to the underworld. Mercury is the connection between heaven and earth, or the spirit and body, as it were. Short excursions and relationships with siblings are also included in the personal chart. It corresponds to the lungs, shoulders, arms, and hands in the physical body.

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