Moonstone (Moti) : Gemstones For Planet Moon| Benefits of moonstone

Gemstone for Planet Moon


As we all know On the earth there is only one natural satellite which is the Moon  In the solar system, it stands at fifth place among the largest satellites. Moon is called by many different names in different languages, “Luna” in Latin, Italian and Spanish or “Lune” in French or “Selene” in Greek or “Mond” in Germany or “Chand” in Hindi, and many more. The moon rules our emotional world and night. The moon signifies the inner child. 

Moon also has a great influence on astrology. The meaning of the moon in astrology is ‘Mind’. It is connected with the function of people’s minds.  Moon governs the sovereign state of the conscious mind. It represents righteous emotions. Moon also represents affection and the demand for love in astrology. It is also known as CHANDRA in Vedic astrology. Gemstones ruled by the moon are pearl and moonstone. 


Moonstone is primarily related to the moon and has significant use in history. Moonstone is also called Hecatolite. It is sodium-potassium aluminium. It comes in numerous colours such as White, Blue, Pink, Grey, Green, Peach, Brown, and as well as colourless. It can cure and mentor you to your inner path. This stone is a part of the feldspars mineral family. Highly valued moonstones are Blue moonstones. The most expensive moonstones are from India and Sri Lanka. India is famous for rainbow moonstones. Moonstones are very expensive, generally the more transparency or colourless or the more the blue adularescence makes the value of the moonstone higher. 


Moonstone has been used as Jewelry since ancient civilizations. The Romans believed that the moonstone was derived from the pure rays of the moon. Moonstone was associated with lunar deities by the Greeks and Romans. Moonstone has become very popular in recent history mostly during Art Nouveau. Many French goldsmiths created a large amount of jewellery with this stone. In a long history, this gemstone is also used as a talisman for love, fertility, sleep, and protection. 

Benefits of wearing Moonstone:

Wearing Moonstone helps in regaining inner balance, self-healing, spiritual growth and even in reuniting with your lost lover. It is also said that wearing this stone, protects you from accidents while travelling, thefts and some other troubles. It also can be a good gift for your life partner. It helps with nightmares or sleepwalking, balancing hormone cycles, insomnia and dreaming positively. 


* Dip the ring of moonstone in raw milk for about 8 hours before wearing it.

* Astrologers recommend wearing a moonstone on Monday evening during Shukla paksha on the little finger of working hands [right-handed on the right hand and left-handed on the left hand.

* After four days of wearing the ring of moonstone, you will notice some influence on your body and mind.


* Moonstone should not be worn with sapphire, cat’s eye and hessonite.

* Consider an astrologer before wearing a moonstone.

* Don’t wash the moonstone with harsh chemicals as it can harm the stone. Moonstone should to treated gently as it is a much softer gemstone as compared to others.


Moonstone is said to chain several remarkable healing and calming properties, so if you are suffering from anxiety and over-aggressiveness this stone is perfect for you. It is also for those who suffer from health issues like insomnia and fertility problems. If you get lost and too confused sometimes, moonstone can help you with this sort of problem. It is known to protect you from negative energies. Moonstone is also known for helping in emotional balance. 


In its long history, people agreed that the most favoured moonstone should be Blue Sheen [a rich and saturated blue-coloured stone]. It is a colourless, semi-transparent to transparent look without clear inclusion and a bright blue adularescence, known as Blue Sheen in the market. India and Sri Lanka are known to have the best quality moonstones. Sometimes moonstone has an eye and sometimes has a glare. 

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