What is Sun in Astrology? Role, Importance, Benefits and Remedies of Sun in Astrology

 The Sun - Astrology

Sun in Astrology

The sun is the center of our solar system, where everything and everyone revolves around it. It signifies our conscious mind in astrology. It symbolizes both our resolve to live and our creative life energy. The sun, in addition to emitting light, also emits life. The Sun in our natal charts determines our life mission, just as the planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun. The self, one's personality, and ego, spirit, and what makes a person distinctive are all represented by this planet. The native's life goal and the style in which they leave their mark in the world are represented in the chart by the position of the Sun by zodiac sign. It is our identity and our public face. The sun also represents the ability to be creative and the ability of an individual to meet the challenges of daily life.

So, what does the sun in astrology mean to you?

The sun is a representation of who you are. It's your essence that the rest of the world senses. It represents the vital force that drives you to be the most genuine version of yourself. It also represents the type of energy need to feel energized. When we act out our Sun, we are intentional, directed, proud, and creative. We can be arrogant, headstrong, self-centered, and judgmental on the negative side.

The burning Sun also represents taking chances by expressing oneself without regard for the repercussions. This is not, however, a reason to criticize others, because staying connected to oneself is the key to solar consciousness. Those who identify with the Sun's expression are the happiest individuals on the planet. There are people who appear to be powerful and strong, but they lack compassion for others. This is not genuine confidence that comes from the heart; rather, it is aggression disguised as competence that conceals underlying insecurities.

What might be the pros and cons of the sun?

According to Hindu astrology, the sun is the most powerful planet. The planet Sun, on the other hand, must be well-placed in the birth chart and devoid of any ailment. The native will suffer greatly if the planet is ill-placed. Health, financial, and social problems could all affect the native. The distressed Sun has the power to make existence a living nightmare. It's likely that the work you've done in your life will go unnoticed. Malefic Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu affect the planet Sun in general. If you've been having problems, it's possible that you have a distressed Sun in your natal chart.

The planet Sun will also provide positive results, such as joy and in one's own sign. The planets Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon are all friendly to the Sun. The individual with the delighted Sun is strong, domineering, aggressive, dynamic, and dominant. It also contributes to the quality of leadership. The heart, brain, head, eye, chest, and lungs are all ruled by it, and it has an impact on them. Another important aspect of the Sun in astrology is that it is linked to a variety of disorders involving the heart, eyesight, headaches, bones, palpitation, and so on.

Sun-related ailment remedies

Early in the morning, wake up with the first rays of the dawn and offer water to the god sun. Eat cracked wheat (Daliya) and drink water from a copper vessel. To gain power from the planet Sun, use EkMukhiRudraksha. Every day, read Aditya HridayStotram. Serve your father and look after him to gain good results and avoid the effects of the sun. Natives with a weak Sun should always take a glass of sugared water before starting a new endeavor or leaving home. Consume only natural, simple foods. Yoga, specifically Surya Namaskar should be performed daily.


Moral learned from the Sun

The sun visits each sign for about a month and takes a year to complete its journey through the 12 signs of the zodiac. A customized birth chart can provide profound psychological insight into how the Sun and other planets affect who you are. What you got in your horoscope is based on your past, and what you will get is based on how you manage your Karmas in this incarnation. The simple act of paying complete attention to the present moment creates waves of energy that we can employ whatever we want. Play, risk-taking, creativity, generosity, and love are all ways we connect to the Sun, which warms our hearts and brings light into our lives. We learn to manifest ourselves in the world through the will of this planet. The sun governs the essential force within you that propels your success, self-expression, and serves as an indicator of your career, confidence, and leadership abilities. The Sun is also the (Karaka) of profession or work in Astrology. Be confident and believe your charts and astrology!

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