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You may go anywhere in the world, but the peace you have in your home is nowhere. Our home is our lifetime investment, so it is our biggest duty to maintain it properly. With the help of numerology, we can know whether the House/flat we are going to buy or the house where we are living is compatible with our numerology chart or not. 

House Number Numerology Calculation:

Suppose you are living in Kangra, Himachal, and your house number is A58, To calculate the house number we just have to sum up the house number which is A58. 

To calculate the house number using numerology, You must have knowledge about the numerical value of the alphabet. Here is a chart showing all the numerical values. 

Chaldean Numerology ChartThe Value of A is Equal to 1 and the House number is A58 so we will sum it up like this:

A58 = 1+5+8 = 14 = 5 is the sum of house number. 

This is a very easy calculation, which you must have understood easily.

House Number Numerology Calculator

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Now we have to check whether this house number is compatible with the date of birth or not?

Date of birth - 10/6/1978

We have to calculate Moolank and Bhagyank to know whether is house lucky or not? 

Moolank is the Sum of Birth Date like 10 = 1+0 = 1 (Don't count Zero)
Bhagyank is Sum of Birth date + Month + Year = 1+0+6+1+9+7+8 = 32 = 5. 

  • Moolank is 1 
  • Bhagyank is 5

Combination (1/5): House number 5 is fully compatible with this birth date because the house number is on the friendly number of Moolank and Bhagyank. This is the simple rule of Calculation. 

House Number 1

House number 1 represents independence & personal freedom. By living in house number 1 you will improve your personality and own character. By living in such a house, you will feel self-power energy. 

House Number 2

House number 2 represents a sensitive and private part of the house. By living in such a house, you will feel harmony in your relationship. You will feel comfortable and Supported. You can live your whole life happily in such a house

House Number 3

House number 3 represents a creative environment house. It is auspicious for artist people to live in such a house because here they will get creative ideas. There is positivity in such a house and good energy is felt.

House Number 4

House number 4 produces a stable environment and you should follow all Vastu, Decorate the house with plants and greenery environment will help you to live a stable life. If the structure of such a house is good then it is very good.

House Number 5

House number 5 signifies stability and is considered to be the best house number. House number 5 proves to be auspicious for the maximum number of all digits. In such a house, there is naughty energy and the mind remains cheerful.

House Number 6

House number 6 is also considered very auspicious and is the number of worldly and family happiness. The aura of such a house is very powerful and this house will be very lucky for big families and new couples.

House Number 7

House number 7 represents spiritual energies and For those who are associated with spirituality, this house will prove to be very auspicious. It is auspicious for those who work in occult science, science, and inventions because the number 7 is also of research.

House Number 8

House number 8 produces a relaxed environment of the house and very auspicious energy is present in such a house. This house will prove to be very auspicious for a business person. This house will be very auspicious for those who want a lot in life. 

House Number 9

House number 9 also produces good energy for the people who live in the house and become of passionate natureSuch people are those who spend their lives helping people. Very good-minded and helpful nature. 

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