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Repeated Number 1 in Numerology and Lo Shu Grid.

Repeated Numbers in Lo Shu Grid

Number 1







Dark blue, Black

One time - If 1 comes only once in your date of birth then you are a very introverted person and communication skills are weak and you are a very shy person. You hesitate in sharing your thoughts with everyone, You have friends but still don't feel comfortable in the group. You like to be alone more, but sometimes your mind also wants to go out and enjoy yourself. 

Twice - If 1 comes twice in your date of birth then your communication skills are strong and you are good at making friends. You become like the person you are with. You have a habit of talking too much and sometimes you are sitting completely silent. Your performance is good in whatever field you work in. You understand the pain and feeling of others. Your financial condition is also fine. You are a good public speaker and express your views openly.

Thrice - If 1 comes thrice in your date of birth then you cannot sit silent even for a while, you can talk continuously for hours on any topic. You keep making new plans. Because of talking too much, sometimes relations also get spoiled. Your knowledge is very good and keeps showing off your knowledge. 

Four-timeIf 1 comes four times in your date of birth then you are a kind person and you are also passionate about your work. Sometimes there is a conflict in the tongue, due to which the relations also get ruined. Because of being kind, they also help people but do not work by staying in one place. If people like you learn to use their words well, then they can become a motivational speaker or Public speakers.

Five TimesIf 1 comes five times in your date of birth then there can be mental disturbance, the mind keeps on fluctuating and there are many opportunities in life which can make you successful in life, but that too requires a lot of hard work. After getting success, feeling of pride may also arise in you. If you work on yourself then you can achieve both success and status in life. Your hands and feet tremble while speaking in crowd, but after practice your spirit becomes high.

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