What is Jupiter (GURU) in Astrology? Importance and Remedies of Jupiter in Astrology

The Jupiter - Astrology

Jupiter in astrology

Jupiter, also known as Guru, is regarded as one of the most auspicious planets in astrology. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the King of the Gods. Jupiter reflects your exploratory nature. Its location in Sign and House demonstrates how we grow and venture out into the world to learn from our experiences. Jupiter spends roughly a year in each sign, thus completing the Zodiac circle takes twelve years and influences a whole generation. Jupiter also represents the desire to find significance, truth, and knowledge in our life. It bestows goodwill, generosity, compassion, loyalty, assistance, and optimism. It is the fatherly teacher, the kind mentor.

Jupiter broadens your vision in whatever sign or house it transits. It can create a general sense of optimism and positivity, which can eventually attract greater prospects and luck in that specific sign or home. Jupiter, who represents the God Dakshinamurthy, eliminates ignorance and darkness and provides wisdom via light. Jupiter is known as Dakshinamurthy to Saivites and Narayana to Vaishnavites. Jupiter is known as the father of the Gods-Zeus in Western Astrology. The Norse refer to it as "Thor." The Babylonians and Chaldeans gave the name Merodach. Jupiter is the God of Justice and Righteousness. It represents wisdom.

Effects of the planet Jupiter

Jupiter is known as the 'Guru' of the nine planets. Guru is the lord of Sagittarius and Pisces in Hindu astrology. Jupiter is connected with luck and riches for a reason. This is a loving and kind planet that wishes for us to develop and thrive in a positive way. Jupiter may serve as judge and jury, but it is mostly an honourable helpmate, ensuring that we are on the correct track. The presence of this planet on the map also indicates a readiness to take chances and take the required activities to move us closer to our goals.

If Jupiter has dominated in your horoscope and combined with other planets, you may make a wise choice and build consistent habits, focus, meditate and pray. If the guru is in the Ascendant house, that individual is likely to be fortunate. The individual is holding his riches in his hands. As a result, the person's personality becomes more appealing. On a psychological level, it promotes growth and broadens the perspective. It is a fan of nature and natural approaches. Jupiter may give you a boost in your abilities to handle and manage money. You might be rewarded for your patience, sound judgement, and good taste.

Afflicted Jupiter, on the other hand, will not produce favourable outcomes. You will be a moderate who is also an extreme. He will be extremely generous, expensive, and even luxurious. In life, the individual may confront several problems. The native is deprived of higher education and other life's joys. The native's career had its ups and downs as well. There is a greater likelihood of marital conflict for people who are married. If Jupiter is plagued by malefic in your horoscope, you will experience loss through relying on others and cheap popularity, default and dishonour, extravagance, misjudgement and miscalculation.


Remedies for the weak Jupiter

  • Strengthen your Jupiter with the assistance of the treatments that are particularly helpful in assisting you in dealing with issues on this planet.
  • Wake up with the sun's first rays and offer turmeric water to the sun.
  • Wear a gold ring on your index finger.
  • Recite the Vishnu sahastranam shloka on a regular basis.
  • Apply sandalwood or turmeric paste on your forehead on a daily basis.
  • Take good care of your gurus.
  • Before starting any new project, always get your parents' blessings.
  • On a daily basis, wear yellow in your outfit.
  • Non-vegetarian foods should be avoided. Do not consume alcoholic beverages.

Jupiter is the planet of loyalty and knowledge, therefore it's critical that it's in good shape. Jupiter may serve as judge and jury, but it is mostly an honourable companion who ensures that we are on the correct track. Because Thursday is Jupiter's governed day, one might expect greater outcomes on this day if he follows the Mahadasha of Jupiter. This planet emphasises the qualities and strengths of our personality, whether because to own abilities or chance. These will assist us in growing and succeeding.

Furthermore, Jupiter's position indicates how outgoing you are, as well as your capacity to attract money and success, as well as your ability to transform ideas into profit. Jupiter may also represent your optimistic temperament, as well as the atmosphere in which you are adventurous and experimental. It's also a sign of your 'PurvaPoonya,' or the results of previous good deeds that are now reaping fruit in this life. Jupiter, a profoundly spiritual planet, assists us in growing and treading the correct road, and benevolently watches as we prosper. It leads us from the darkness of ignorance to the light of wisdom. Jupiter, on the other hand, may push us to gluttony, drowsiness, and sloth at its worst.

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