Mercury Gemstones in Vedic Astrology | Benefits - Who Should Wear and Who Should Not?



The first recorded observation of mercury or was discovered in 265 BC. The smallest planet in our solar system is Mercury. Planet Mercury is closest to the sun. It also takes the shortest orbital period to orbit the sun which is only around 88 days. It is mostly made of metals. Mercury has no moon or rings.

Intellect, memory, communication, transportation, mentality and thinking patterns are represented by the mercury in astrology. Mercury plays a very strong role in our life as per astrology. It might be beneficial for you in some aspects and can act as a harmful element in other aspects. Mercury influences the lungs, nervous system, ears, arms and eye.

The position of mercury in your horoscope can affect your mind, sign and house position, speech pattern, sense of humour and communication style.


Emerald, peridot, chrome tourmaline, tsavorite, chrome diopside, green jade and other green gemstones of flawless quality are the gemstone governed by or related to mercury.

A person will be happy, educated, fortunate and highly respected once the mercury is powerfully placed in one’s horoscope. But if the mercury is weak or in a bad position then one becomes prone to speech or hearing problems, elusive behaviour and lack of vitality.



Emerald is a gemstone that is primarily related to mercury. It is called ‘MARAKATA’ or ‘PANNA’ in Hindi. Emerald is price based on its quality, based on that it can be really expensive or cheap. Emerald has lots of meaning, it itself symbolizes fidelity and true love. Its colour ranges from bluish-green to green. Its green colour is influenced by the amount of chromium or vanadium in it. Its toughness is considered to be poor in general.

The emerald is first mined in Egypt around 1500BC. South America was the one to discover emeralds in the 16th century. Before its discovery, it is well used by the Inca. The Emerald was Cleopatra's one favourite stone and her passion for stone can be seen in old documents.


Make sure that the weight of the gemstone should range between 3 to 7 Ratti.

To get better benefits of the stone start wearing this stone on Wednesday morning during Shukla paksha one hour before sunrise. 

This stone should be put in gold or silver and should be worn on the little or the ring finger of the working hand [ right-handed on right hand and left-handed on left hand]. Make sure that it touches the skin of your finger. 

The most important step before you started wearing the emerald, dip it in the Ganga Jal or in cow’s milk for at least 10 minutes. 

WARNING: Never put harsh chemicals or acids on the stone as it can damage it. The toughness of the stone is not that good, so it needs special care. Don’t clean the stone ring regularly, clean it once a year or in a couple of years. Be aware of synthetic or duplicate Emerald only wear real ones. Aries and Cancer ascendants should never wear emerald.


As being a mercury-related gemstone, emerald can be good for almost all individuals. Although some astrologers believed that it is highly suggested for those people who have a great or positive impact of the mercury in their horoscope. Emerald gemstone blesses its wearer with improvement in business, communication, intuition, Education and intelligence. It is also said that if a pregnant lady tied the stone to her waist, then the delivery of the child will be normal and trouble-free. Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, Libra, Leo, and Virgo are recommended to wear emerald under astrologer vision as it can benefit them in different aspects.


Because of the position of the mercury friction with the planetary position, Aries and Cancer are considered to be those who should not wear Emerald gemstone as it can be harmful to them more than good.



Peridot is also called chrysolite. Peridot is gem-quality olivine and a silicate mineral. Its green colour ranges from yellow to green. Its green colour is influenced by the number of iron contents that are present within the structure of the gem. 


Chrome diopside is also called Imperial diopside and the trade name is vertelit and serbelit. This gem is known for its internal clarity and intense glow which is rarely found in a green gemstone. It is a variety of diopside minerals. Chrome diopside is a chromium-rich, green coloured gemstone. 


Tsavorite also called Tsavorite is a bright green coloured gemstone. Its green colour is influenced by the trace amount of Vanadium or Chromium. It is a variety of calcium-aluminium of the garnet group. 

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