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In this blog post, we'll learn about how to make a Business name suitable with the date of birth. Nowadays every businessman starts believing in Business numerology because many international companies get success after making their Business name suitable with the date of birth. There are such big companies whose names you hear every day, they have also corrected their business name according to Numerology.

Why Business name should be suitable with the date of birth?

Numerology is science, Every number in numerology has a different meaning. If your business name is not on a friendly number or suitability with the date of birth then you will face some problems in business for sure. If the vibrations of the business are positive, then you will also feel positivity, due to which the business will also grow and you will feel well in doing business. Now everyone is correcting their business name according to numerology, which is very important. A business name is such a thing that we cannot change it again and again, so in the beginning, we should fix it with the help of numerology.

How do you correct business names according to numerology?

There are many methods to change the business name, we will use the Chaldean business name calculator which gives the best results. you have to take some points in mind while calculating your business name.
  1. Business name suitability with the date of birth.
  2. Business name suitability with your name.
  3. The business name should be at the lucky number.
  4. Life path number and birth number should be compatible with the business name.

Chaldean numerology professional calculator

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By Using The Chaldean numerology professional calculator, you can find a business name number but you have to take care of one thing the number should be compatible with your date of birth and Your name.

For Example,
Date of birth is 28-1-1975.

How to find birth Number?

28 = 2+8 = 10 = 1
1 is your birth number

How to find life path number?

Sum full date of birth 28-8-1975

2+8+8+1+9+7+5 = 33 

Reduce it to single digit

33 = 3+3 = 6

6 is your life path number

How to find the name number?

For example, the name is Ashu

A - 1

S - 3

H - 5

U - 6

ASHU = 1+3+5+6 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6.

The name Number of Ashu is 6.

You can check your name number using the given calculator.

Now we have to check which business name number is suitable as per the date of birth and name number.

Now let's find the Lucky business name as per date of birth and Name.

We have Birth Number 1, Life Path number 6, and Name Number is also 6.

Which number is the friendly number of 1 and 6? 

5 is the friendly number of numbers 1 and 6. So the Business name number should be at 5 number.

Business or Brand Name - SK

S - 3
K - 2

2+3 = 5.

So, SK is the best name for date of birth 28-1-1975, and Name Ashu.

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