Sun Gemstones in Vedic Astrology - Who Should Wear and Who Should Not?

The sun is the most important in all, we can’t even imagine our life on earth without the light and warmness of the sun. It is also well-chosen as the king of all the other planets as it’s the only source of solar energy. Sun is known as the ruler of the zodiac. The rising sign of the sun in Leo. Gemstone primary related to the sun is Ruby. 

Ruby - Gemstone for sun

RUBY - Gemstone For Sun

Ruby is the gemstone that is personally connected to the sun. It is considered to be the most valuable gemstone on earth. Ruby is a very valuable gemstone and it comes in colour ranges from pink to crimson and scarlet red to dark violet. Iron and chromium affect the colour of the stone and have a high level of hardness. It represents power, control, nobility, majesty, audacity, authority, command, warm-heartedness.


Some measures before starting wearing Ruby:

> Make sure that the weight of the gemstone should range between 3 to 6 carats. This range set was observed as the finest for the stone. 

> For getting better benefits of the stone start wearing this stone in Shukla paksha and it’s favoured to wear ruby on Sunday morning between 5 to 6am.

> The most important step before you started wearing the ruby, dip it in Ganga Jal or honey to remove away all the negativity and to fill it up with fresh positivity.

> Always wear the ruby ring on the ring finger of your right hand.

Warning: Don’t wear synthetic or duplicate rubies because they can harm your body. Never wear ruby cat’s eye chrysoberyl [lehsunia/vaidurya]or Neelam[Blue sapphire] as combining those stones with ruby can cause a lot of problems in your life.


As being the sun related gemstone, ruby can influence and be good for almost all individuals. Although some astrologers believe that it is highly suggested for those people who have a great impact on the sun in their horoscope. Ruby also known as Manik Ratna, blessed its wearer with good health and reputation in society. It also makes a strong promise to its wearer to protect them from the bad eye of their enemies and make the wearer self-sufficient and independent.     


Because of the position of the sun and its friction with these planetary positions, That’s why Aquarius, Capricorn, Virgo, Libra and Taurus are considered to be those who should never wear the ruby stone.


Sun related gemstone other than Ruby

Gemstones related to the sun are Ruby, Red spinel [Black prince ruby/Spinel ruby], Red garnet [Pyrope garnet], Rubellite and other gemstones with see-through clear cut. 


Red spinel is also known as Black prince ruby or spinel ruby. Its colour comes from reddish-orange/ orangey-red to purplish-red. The high-quality red spinel is often sold for a tenth of the price of similar quality ruby and pink spinel might sell for less than pink sapphire. 


Red garnet is also called pyrope garnet and it is the most popular gemstone among all the red varieties. It comes in rich pomegranate colour. The word pyrope is a Greek word that means “Fire-eyed”.



Rubellite is a semi-precious and also the rarest gemstone in its gem family. It is sometimes mistaken as Ruby which is precious whereas rubellite is a semi-precious gemstone. Its colour ranges from tender pink to crimson red with little purple where rubies offer deep red colour. It commonly carries inclusions. It’s a part of elbaite and the red and pink variation of tourmaline. 

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