What is Moon in Astrology? Role, Importance, Benefits and Remedies of Moon in Astrology

 The Moon

moon in astrology

The moon in the night, the nearest astronomical body to the Earth. Our thoughts and mother are represented by the Moon in Astrology. The Moon's position in the chart will reveal how enlightened we are in our experience of the Divine Mother within us, how clearly, we can sense that our ability to nurture and sympathize with others is unbounded and limitless, and how brightly our intellect can shine in sensitivity and comprehension. It's adaptable, open, and self-reflective. The Moon represents our instinctive and spontaneous impulses. The Moon in our chart represents how we protect ourselves and make ourselves feel secure, comfortable, and safe, much as the Moon surrounds the Sun in a symbolically protective manner and reflects the Sun's light.

Moon in the astrology

In Vedic Astrology, the Moon is seen to radiate feminine and peaceful energy. It reigns over our ideas and emotions as the queen of the nine imperial stars. It also reigns over liquids and water, which are essential for survival and growth in the globe. Surya derives its strength solely from gravitational force, whereas Chandra derives it from proximity. The location of the Moon in the natal chart by sign reveals how we feel and respond to our surroundings, as well as our innate tendencies, particularly in our homes and in private. The Moon acts as a bridge between the inner and outer worlds. The Sun is reasonable, but the Moon is irrational. The Moon governs habitual actions and biases.

The Phases of the moon

In astrology, the phases of the moon simply refer to how the moon looks to us from Earth. We look to the Moon in our zodiac charts to determine our emotions from an astrological standpoint. In astrology, we look to the phases of the moon to see if our feelings are typical at any given point during the Lunar Cycle. The new moon phase, crescent phase, first-quarter moon phase, gibbous moon phase, full moon phase, disseminating moon phase, last quarter moon phase, balsamic moon phase, blue moon phase, and black moon phase are the nine moon phases to be aware of. Each has its own significance. Leading astrologers throughout history have discovered that women have a better chance of producing children when their phases return – even if they are experiencing troubles conceiving at the time.

Effects of the moon

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to the moon is the day of the phase on which you were born. In astrology, the Moon has two phases that are called malefic and beneficial. A favorable Moon placement in the horoscope strengthens the person mentally and emotionally. Such a person has strong concentration and the capacity to connect emotionally with others. It delivers a high social standing and popularity. The individual would advance to the top of the professional ladder. He would have a successful professional career as well as a happy personal life. There will be a lot of harmony in the household. When a powerful and well-placed moon or Chandra is present, it can also make a person sensitive to the high composition of emotions.

A person with a weak Moon in their horoscope is emotionally weak, tears a lot, laughs a lot, and has little control over their sensitivity. They may also have emotional distress and issues. Furthermore, their health is harmed. Because the Moon is associated with reproduction and physiological fluids, its negative influence in the horoscope can have an impact on health concerns with the blood, lungs, breasts, milk, chest, cough, and reproductive system. They enable societies immersed in superstition to strengthen their superstitions.

How can you solve the problems caused by the moon?

In Vedic astrology, there are various Moon treatments that can be quite effective.

  • Keep a large clock out of your house.
  • Offering white flowers at graves can also assist when the Moon is in a bad mood.
  • On Mondays, a native with a weak Moon should fast, eating only once a day.
  • Moon is strengthened by offering milk to Shivalingam.
  • Wearing a pearl set in silver or gold on the index finger on a Monday can eliminate negative energy from the native's life, as pearls are the Moon's gemstone.
  • Accepting silver as a gift or contribution is never a good idea.

Indian Astrology entails a thorough understanding of this noble and accurate discipline of astrology, which may be used to predict the future and take safeguards before problems develop. Despite the fact that planetary transits are important in the Vedic system, many astrologers do not combine Dashas and transits, despite the fact that it is vital to do so. Our feelings are expressed via our bodies and set the tone for our everyday lives. The Moon is a participant in this cycle, making us vital one minute and vulnerable the next.

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