Conjuction of Rahu & Mars Form Angarak dosha | Angarak dosha Effects and Remedies

The Angarak Dosha

The Angarak Dosha

Angarak dosha occurs when Rahu and Mars align in any house of the Kundali. Angarak Yog is said to be generated in the horoscope if Rahu and Mars are located in the same house of the horoscope or if Rahu and Mars have mutual aspects on each other. Apart from that, if Mars and Rahu-Ketu are in a favourable position in the horoscope, the native's life would be relatively unaffected. Rahu and Mars are both naturally malevolent planets. Their combination in any house will have negative consequences for that house. Angarak Dosha leads the native to be irritable and impolite most of the time.

Because Mars represents activity and Rahu represents creativity, it frequently generates a push and pulls scenario or tremendous oscillations for the native, making the native uncertain. However, the negative effects of Angarak Yog will only manifest if both Rahu and Mars engaged in the creation of the Angarak Yog are malefic in the horoscope or if Rahu participating in the combo is negative. Rahu and Mars form Angarak yoga, which is also known as the furious elephant or spoilt lion in the Lal Kitab. If this yoga is present in someone's horoscope, their lives would be filled with ups and downs.

Effects of Angarak dosha

There are many negative and positive effects of Angarak yoga. Angaraka Dosham need not be feared much. It has ill effects like,

The native will be hostile, causing family members to be abruptly separated.

Angarak yoga has a negative impact on both business and marriage.

Angarak Dosha is characterised by excessive aggression and violence, as Mars is a warrior planet connected with fire.

The native may engage in small brawls right away. Court cases might potentially cause problems in the future.

Female Mars residents are brutally honest, and as a result, they wind up harming a lot of people. Native males are hostile and sceptical.

Angarak Dosha makes the natives irritable all of the time and causes them to be impolite.

Angarak dosha also has good effects which are

•In the horoscope, Angarak Yog with benevolent effects will be generated, and the inhabitants will be under the powerful influence of this benefic. 

•The native will prosper and accomplish tremendous heights if he is highly hardworking and energetic.

•If the Lagna lord and Bhagya Paksha are favourable, the native will be prosperous.

Remedies for Angarak dosha

Reciting the 108 names of Mangala Graha, or Mars, on a daily basis might help to reduce the pain that this position generally brings.

Honey should be consumed three times each day on a regular basis by the individual.

The family's head of household should sweep the house using a broom.

Make a nice chapatti and feed it to the dogs on the street.

When pandits do Angarak Dosha Nivaran Puja with the right rituals, this dosha is removed.

The puja will be done on the closest best Muhurat, i.e. in a Rahu or Mars Nakshatra and on Tuesday or Wednesday, to attain the greatest outcomes.

On Tuesday, the native should wear a three-fold ring comprised of copper, silver, and gold.

You should respect and serve your mother well.

Marriage should be postponed until you are 31 years old or older.

Every evening, light a Diya.

Giving contributions makes Rahu and Mars happy, and they begin to manifest their fortunate consequences. Also, add perfume or sandalwood to the bathwater before taking a bath.

Avoid red meat, spicy and greasy meals, caffeinated products, pizzas, carbonated drinks, daily intake of alcohol, junk food, and non-dairy goods.

If no action is taken, the unfavourable influence will last for a long period in the person's life. Mars with the malefic node created Angarak Yoga. If this Yoga is created in Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Pisces, Rahu may be weaker. As a result, the creation of Angarak yoga in a horoscope can result in a variety of positive or negative outcomes for the native, depending on the type, strength, and placement of Mars and Rahu in his horoscope, as well as the horoscope's general character. 

The general topic of the horoscope with Angarak yoga should be carefully examined since it is the most important factor. The most significant part of a horoscope is the overarching theme, which may change everything. Because it is also the regulator of passionate traits, diseases like starvation, addictions, hypertension, inflammatory disorders, and burns are likely to occur.

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