Free Mulank & Bhagyank Calculator: What is Moolank (Birth Number) & Bhagyank (Life path number) ? How to calculate Moolank & Bhagyank?

Moolank and Bhagyank Calculator

Moolank and Bhagyank Calculator

What is Moolank (Birth number)?

Moolank is the sum of two words Mool and Ank. Mool means original, real, and Ank means number. Moolank means that number that tells you about real & inner nature. With the help of Moolank, we can know good things about ourselves and can also know what we should stay away from in life.

How to calculate Moolank (Birth number)

Calculating Moolank is very easy. The sum of the date of birth is called Moolank, for example, if your date of birth is 5, then 5 is your Moolank. if your date of birth is double-digit like if the birth date is 21, then 2+1 = 3 is Moolank. if the date of birth is 24, then 2+4 = 6 is Moolank. 

What is Bhagyank (Life path number)?

Bhagyank is aslo the sum of two words Bhagya and Ank. Bhagya means destiny and luck and Ank means number. This is the number that tells us how our fate will be. What problems will come in life and what will happen to us at what time in life?

How to calculate Bhagyank (Life path number)

Calculating Bhagyank is also very easy. The sum of the birth date + month + year is called Bhagyank, for example, if you were born on 24-8-1970, then 2+4+8+1+9+7+0 = 31. Reduce it to a single digit. 31 = 3+1 = 4 is your Bhagyank. 

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