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Dhanishta Nakshatra

Dhanishta Nakshatra 

Just like the Nakshatra itself, the character traits that come with Dhanishta Nakshatra are musical, too. These musical prodigies who excel in performing arts are backed by none other than scarlet stallion Mars, who bestows them with intelligence and knowledge. In short, they are here to rule the world, and there are not many who would dare to challenge them. Dhanishta Nakshatra is the 23rd Birth star on the zodiac belt and the governing deities of Dhanishta Nakshatra are the eight Vasus, the eight-element Gods. On close observation, Dhanishta  Nakshatra holds the shape of a dolphin, and as we know, they are some of the most
intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom. The Vasus provide Dhanishta Nakshatra natives with all the fame and fortunes with abundance. 

Dhanishta Nakshatra in Astrology

Dhanishta Nakshatra is the 23rd Nakshatra out of 27 Nakshatras. In the sky, Dhanishta Nakshatra resides in 23°20′ Capricorn to 06°40′ Aquarius. The ruling planet of Dhanishta Nakshatra is the mighty Mars and the deity associated with the birth star is the Eight Vasus. Eight Vasu represents the eight different elements in Hinduism. The eight Different elements are named Apah, Dhruva, Dhara, Anila, Anala, Pratyusa, Pravasha, and Soma. These names of eight elements would translate to Water, Polestar (unmoving star), Earth, Wind, Fire, the Sun, Sky, and the Moon respectively, blessing the natives with characteristics related to each of them. For each element, the characteristics attached would be music, confidence, stability, reliability, hard work, energy, intelligence, and empathy. 

Characteristics of Male Natives of Dhanishta Nakshatra 


The male natives born under the influence of Dhanishta Nakshatra will be an expert at their work. They are very intelligent and have good general knowledge. They resent doing anything by thought, word or deed that may cause problems for others and it has been observed that they possess a religious spirit. They do not like to stray too much from their sphere of activities and also avoid arguments unless they become absolutely necessary. These natives are, however, vindictive, and have great reserves of patience, so that they will wait for ages and ages for the right time to get their pound of flesh back.

Profession and Related Areas:

The natives of Dhanishta Nakshatra turn out to be scientists or historians. As these Natives are very good at keeping a secret, they are well-suited for intelligence agencies, or the private secretaries of business tycoons. They are way ahead of others in intelligence and oratory and they can be good lawyers too. They will make good progress after the age of 24 and are likely to be engaged in a profession where they will have to trust others, but they must ensure that they do not do it blindly.

Compatibility and Family Life:

As far as their family is concerned they will have the dominant hand but their relatives may keep creating problems for them out of jealousy. They favor their siblings and will inherit a lot of ancestral property. However, they may not get along too well with their in-laws. If they have any limitations, they will be made good by the stars of their spouse, who will be literally an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

Health and Well-Being:

The health of natives-born in Dhanishta Nakshatra will not be very good and will not be very conscious of taking preventive care but will swing into action only when some health problem aggravates. They are prone to cough, cold and anemia.

Characteristics of Female Natives of Dhanishta Nakshatra 


The female natives of Dhanishta Nakshatra are very ambitious in life and are also prone to blowing up her money unnecessarily. However, she is of a humble disposition and has great compassion for the underprivileged. Thes female natives can tend to be dominant but will have to curb this tendency in the best interest of her family.

Profession and Related Areas:

The female natives of Dhanishta Nakshatra tend to have a little bit of a variety of talents. Some of the females may want to go into the field of education, some into literature, and yet others may want to pursue a career in science.

Compatibility and Family Life:

The female natives of Dhanishta Nakshatra will be an expert in running domestic affairs.

Health and Well-Being:

The female natives of Dhanishta Nakshatra are very careless about their health until a problem becomes very severe; she would not care much about that health problem. She is generally prone to health problems such as anemia, uterus disturbances, cough and blood-related ailments.

Dhanishta Nakshatra Padas

Dhanishta Nakshatra 1st Pada: The first pada of Dhanishta Nakshatra comes in the Leo Navamsa and is ruled by the Sun. Here in the first pada, It combines the effects of Mars, Saturn and the Sun, while concentrating on material achievements. Except for marriage, the natives of Dhanishta Nakshatra will achieve success in all fields.

Dhanishta Nakshatra 2nd Pada: The second pada of Dhanishta Nakshatra comes in the Virgo Navamsa ruled by Mercury. The native’s communication skills here in the second pada are good. Marriage is difficult here, but athletic and musical skills will surface.

Dhanishta Nakshatra 3rd Pada: The third pada of Dhanishta Nakshatra comes in the Libra Navamsa ruled by Venus. It makes the natives of Dhanishta Nakshatra happy-go-lucky. Due to this Pada, marriage will be a success. The natives will excel in performing arts, astrology, and spirituality.

Dhanishta Nakshatra 4th Pada: The fourth pada of Dhanishta Nakshatra comes in the Scorpio Navamsa ruled by Mars. Here, it is a surfeit of energy, and the natives will excel in outdoor games, and physical activities will require a lot of energy. The natives will care for the underprivileged, but will not be able to avoid the friction at home.

Interesting Facts about Dhanishta Nakshatra

Symbol of Dhanishta Nakshatra: Musical drum

Deity of Dhanishta Nakshatra: The eight Vasus, the solar gods of energy and light

Translation of Dhanishta Nakshatra: The richest, most beneficent

Controlling/Ruling Planet of Dhanishta Nakshatra: Mars

Lucky Letters of Dhanishta Nakshatra: G

Lucky Stone of Dhanishta Nakshatra: Coral

Lucky Color of Dhanishta Nakshatra: Silver Gray

Lucky or Favorable Numbers of Dhanishta Nakshatra: 9

Common Name of Dhanishta Nakshatra: Indian Mesquite, Vanni, Kejari

Astronomical Name of Dhanishta Nakshatra: Beta Delphinium

Botanical Name of Dhanishta Nakshatra: Prosopis cineraria

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