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Moola Nakshatra

Moola Nakshatra 

Moola Nakshatra is widely known as a small constellation of stars. Moola Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology has obtained a unique position. Moola Nakshatra is known as Lunar Mansions in the Western world and is specifically used for predictions. In addition to this, there is also a mention of Moola Nakshatra in the ancient Astro-scripts. It is associated with the end of life, a precursor to the new beginning. Moola Nakshatra is also known as the root or the base. As we know that no plant can nourish without the presence of root, in the same way, favorably every happening in the world is associated with some reason.

Moola Nakshatra in Astrology

According to the Vedic astrological beliefs, Moola (Mula) nakshatra is the 19th nakshatra or lunar mansion among the 27 nakshatras and ranges from degrees 0°00 to 13°20′ in the Sagittarius sign. The meaning of ‘Moola’ is the root and moola’s symbol is a group of a bunch of roots that are tied together. Moola nakshatra is ruled by the Goddess of destruction, i.e. Goddess Maha Kali.

Characteristics of Male Natives of Moola Nakshatra 

Character Or Personality:

The male natives of Moola Nakshatra have a very amiable nature and prefer to stay in a peaceful atmosphere. Moola Nakshatra natives have their own set of values and live strictly by them. It has been observed that there is a fear about the male natives of Moola Nakshatra that they may sometimes be vulnerable, but they are strong from within and can tide over any obstacles by the sheer grit of their willpower, and achieve all their ambitious goals. They do not care about tomorrow and are happy to live in the present. They are god-fearing and know that God will take care of them in any adverse situation, which makes them an optimistic person.

Profession and Related Areas:

The male natives of Moola Nakshatra are kind of careless about their financial reserves, which frequently leads them into debt traps. They are good at advising others but are not capable of following it themselves. This trait makes the natives of Moola Nakshatra suitable for the profession of financial advisers. As they are skilled in many fields, they are likely to make frequent job changes. Besides this, a carefree attitude also makes them always in need of money, and since they refuse to earn their money in any illegal way, their balance sheet seems always to be tilted towards the hint side. Therefore, they would do well to stay away from friends who are extravagant by nature, and in whose company they too may end up spending more than they can afford.

Compatibility and Family Life:

The male natives of Moola Nakshatra, save for a few cases, are unlikely to get any benefits from their parents and are self-made men. They are likely to enjoy a fairly good conjugal life. Their spouse will possess all the qualities of a good housewife.

Health and Well-Being:

The male natives of Moola Nakshatra will be prone to get affected with tuberculosis, paralysis, or persistent stomach problems. As Moola Nakshatra natives do not pay much attention to their health thus they face problems when they are the age of 27, 31, 44, 48, 56, and 60 years.

Characteristics of Female Natives of Moola Nakshatra 

Personality Or Nature:

The female natives of Moola Nakshatra are very pure-hearted. But, she becomes very stubborn sometimes about petty things, which not only shows her in poor light but also frequently invites unnecessary problems for the herald. Sometimes she finds it hard to face those problems and gets irritated by this.


Profession And Related Areas:

The female natives of Moola Nakshatra are generally found to be uneducated, as she is simply not interested in studies. Many female Moola Nakshatra natives have ended up repeating a class because of the failure and eventually, ending up dropping out of education. It is only when Jupiter is placed favorably in Moola Nakshatra that this female native makes rapid advances in education to reach the very top of her field.

Compatibility and Family Life:

The female natives of Moola Nakshatra, it has been observed she is unable to enjoy married life and is likely to be separated from their husband either by death or divorce. However, certain favorably placed planets can mitigate this effect on her. On the other hand, if the position of Mars does not favor her, she will have to deal with a myriad of problems, both from her husband as well as her children in her life.

Health And Well-Being:

The female natives of Mool Nakshatra will suffer from lumbago, paralytic attacks, stomach problems, pain in the hands, and shoulder and they will have to be particularly careful in the following years of her age: 27, 31, 38, 56, and 60.

Moola Nakshatras Padas

Moola Nakshatra 1st Pada: The first pada of Moola Nakshatra falls in the Aries Navamsa ruled by Mars. This pada is associated with all kinds of material and spiritual pursuits, depending on the evolutionary state of this native. 

Moola Nakshatra 2nd Pada: The second pada of Moola Nakshatra comes in the Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus. Here, the focus is on the study of the occult sciences. On the material plane, the natives of Moola Nakshatra will be very hard-working and will achieve all their targets.

Moola Nakshatra 3rd Pada: The third pada of Moola Nakshatra falls in the Gemini Navamsa ruled by Mercury. Here, the natives of Moola Nakshatra believe in the jugglery of words, which helps them in great communication. 

Moola Nakshatra 4th Pada: The fourth pada of Moola Nakshatra falls in Cancer Navamsa ruled by the Moon. Here, the focus is on the non-stop struggle to relate with people around them on the emotional plane.

Other elements of Moola Nakshatra

Meaning of Moola Nakshatra: Root, commencement

Lord of Moola Nakshatra: Ketu

Symbol of Moola Nakshatra: Bundle of roots or lion’s tail

Deity of Moola Nakshatra: Nirrti — goddess of disaster, Alakshmi

Nature of Moola Nakshatra: The Sharp or Dreadful (Tikshna) or hard (Daruna)

Lucky Letter of Moola Nakshatra: Y & B

Lucky Stone of Moola Nakshatra: Cats Eye

Lucky Color of Moola Nakshatra: Brown Yellow

Lucky or Favorable Numbers of Moola Nakshatra: 7

Common name of Moola Nakshatra: Anjan, Kammara

Astronomical name of Moola Nakshatra: Lambda Scorpii

Botanical name of Moola Nakshatra: Hardwickia binata

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