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Impact & Remedies of the Missing Number 7


Numerology, the study of the mystical significance of numbers, has been a source of fascination for centuries. According to numerologists, each number carries unique energies and vibrations that can influence various aspects of our lives. In this article, we will delve into the impact of the missing number 7 on individuals and explore remedies that can help restore balance. 

Understanding the Significance of Number 7

Number 7 is often considered a symbol of wisdom, intuition, and spiritual awakening. When this number is missing from a person's life, it can lead to several challenges that affect both personal and professional aspects. Let's explore these in detail:

1. Hindrance in Work and Studies

   - The absence of the number 7 can lead to obstacles in one's career and education.

   - Individuals may find it difficult to excel in their studies or advance in their professions.

2. Lack of Family Support

   - Those missing the influence of number 7 might experience strained family relationships.

   - This can lead to a lack of emotional and practical support when needed most.

3. Struggles Despite Effort  

   - Despite putting in significant effort, success may remain elusive.

   - The missing number 7 can make it challenging to achieve goals and aspirations.

4. Mental Disturbance

   - The absence of the stabilizing energy of number 7 can lead to mental disturbances.

   - Individuals might struggle with anxiety, stress, and a sense of unease.

Remedies for Restoring Balance

Fortunately, there are remedies in numerology to address the absence of a specific number. Here are some effective remedies to counter the impact of a missing number 7:

1. Feed the Dog and Crow Bread Soaked in Milk

   - This ritual can help appease the energy associated with the number 7.

   - By providing nourishment to these animals, you can seek balance in your life.

2. Wear a Golden Metallic Watch

   - Wearing a golden metallic watch on your hand can help channel the positive vibrations of the number 7.

   - It serves as a constant reminder of the need for balance and wisdom in your life.

3. Look at Your Feet Before Initiating Any Task

   - This simple practice can ground your energy and enhance your focus.

   - It encourages mindfulness and helps in overcoming obstacles.

4. Worship Lord Ganesha

   - Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, is revered in many cultures.

   - Worshiping Ganesha can help you overcome challenges and obstacles in your life path.

5. Remove Defective Electrical Items from Your Home

   - Electrical items that are malfunctioning can disrupt the energy flow in your living space.

   - By removing them, you create a harmonious environment.

6. Hang a Metal Wind Chime in the West Direction

   - Choose a wind chime with 5, 6, or 9 rods in white or metallic colors.

   - Hanging it in the west direction, preferably with a red ribbon, can enhance positive energy flow.


The absence of the number 7 in your life can indeed bring challenges, but with the right remedies, you can restore balance and harmony. Numerology provides us with practical ways to tap into the energies associated with missing numbers. By following these remedies, you can navigate life's obstacles with greater ease and find a sense of equilibrium. Remember that these practices are not a guarantee of instant success, but they can certainly help create a more favorable environment for growth and fulfillment.

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