Lo Shu Grid Numerology: Remedies for Missing Numbers in Your Birthdate


In the realm of numerology, the Lo Shu Grid is a fascinating ancient Chinese divination tool. It's based on the principles of the Lo Shu Square, a 3x3 magic square that has intrigued mathematicians and mystics for centuries. According to this system, each number from 1 to 9 carries unique energies and influences a person's life in various ways, depending on their presence or absence in your birthdate. In this guide, we'll explore the significance of each number in the Lo Shu Grid, what it means if you're missing a particular number, and the remedies you can follow to balance your life.

Number 1 in Lo Shu Grid: Number 1 represents individuality, leadership, and the ability to forge ahead in life with confidence. If you lack Number 1 in your birthdate, you might find it challenging to take the initiative and lead.

Remedy: To balance this absence, you can wear a red thread (molly) tied around your wrist and offer water to sun. These actions help channel the energy of Number 1.

Number 2 in Lo Shu Grid: Number 2 signifies confidence and the ability to communicate effectively. Without it, you might struggle to assert yourself or speak with certainty.

Remedy: To bolster your confidence, drink water from a silver vessel and wear white clothing on Mondays. Additionally, offering milk to Lord Shiva can help.

Number 3 in Lo Shu Grid:  Number 3 is associated with the grace of Gurus and the blessings of deities. Its absence can lead to challenges in achieving desired results despite hard work.

Remedy: Wear yellow clothing on Thursdays to tap into the positive energies of Number 3.

Number 4 in Lo Shu Grid: Number 4 is linked to direction and focus. Without it, you might feel lost in your thoughts and life's direction.

Remedy: To find clarity and purpose, wear a basil garland.

Number 5 in Lo Shu Grid: Number 5 governs communication, learning, and financial prosperity. Its absence can lead to difficulties in these areas.

Remedy: Carry a green handkerchief and wear green clothes on Wednesday to enhance your communication skills and financial prospects.

Number 6 in Lo Shu Grid: Number 6 is associated with physical and familial happiness and luxury. If it's missing, you might struggle to find joy in these aspects of life.

Remedy: To attract happiness and luxury, wear a golden metallic watch.

Number 7 in Lo Shu Grid: Number 7 is considered the base of all numbers in the Lo Shu Grid. Its absence can lead to hindrances in work and studies.

Remedy: If Number 7 is missing, perform a simple act of kindness by giving bread to dogs to balance the energy.

Number 8 in Lo Shu Grid: Number 8 relates to decision-making and physical well-being. Its absence can lead to indecision and health concerns.

Remedy: Wear a crystal bracelet to boost your decision-making abilities and physical vitality.

Number 9 in Lo Shu Grid: Number 9 represents bravery and willpower. Without it, life may be marked by constant struggle and a lack of happiness.

Remedy: To enhance your courage and willpower, put the Red bulb in the south direction. Recite Hanuman chalisa. 


The Lo Shu Grid offers a unique perspective on numerology, providing insights into the energies associated with different numbers and their impact on your life. If you find that a particular number is missing from your birthdate, following the recommended remedies can help you harmonize your life and tap into the positive qualities associated with that number. Remember that numerology is a belief system, and these remedies are meant to be followed if you resonate with their principles. Embracing the energies of the Lo Shu Grid can be a fascinating journey toward personal growth and self-discovery.

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