Wood element in Feng Shui - Lo shu grid number 3 and 4

In numerology and Feng Shui, numbers 3 and 4 are associated with specific directions and elements.

Number 4: According to Feng Shui, the number 4 corresponds to the east direction and the wood element. Wood represents growth and progress in life. Without the wood element, it's difficult to thrive. Even if someone's birth date doesn't include the numbers 4 or 3, they might inadvertently incorporate the wood element into their surroundings, leading to success. Here are some effects of the absence of number 4 in numerology:

- Difficulty in choosing a career path.

- Constant financial struggles.

- Lack of inspiration.

- Lack of intuition.

- Difficulty in maintaining a daily routine.

To counterbalance the absence of the number 4, Feng Shui suggests remedies like incorporating wooden elements into the environment, hanging green bulbs in the east direction, carrying wooden items, wearing wooden jewelry, and using wooden furniture.

Number 3: Number 3 corresponds to the southeast direction and represents knowledge, stability, steady income, and good relationships. The absence of number 3 in a person's numerology chart can lead to difficulties in expressing emotions, lack of consistency, lack of knowledge, unstable income, and lack of trust in others.

To mitigate the absence of number 3, Feng Shui recommends remedies such as wearing yellow clothes on Thursdays, having green plants in the southeast direction, hanging round wooden clocks on the wall, wearing a tulsi mala, and bathing with a pinch of turmeric in water.

Remedy for Missing Numbers 4 and 3:

For those missing both numbers 4 and 3, it's advised to hang a wind chime made of wood (preferably with blue or green color) in the east direction. This strengthens the wood element in the house, helping to balance the absence of wooden energy. Wind chimes are powerful Feng Shui tools, and implementing this remedy may yield positive results.

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