Repeated Numbers in Lo Shu Grid | Repetition of number 4 in Numerology and Lo Shu Grid

Repeated Number 4 in Numerology and the Lo Shu Grid

Repeated Number 4  2 in Lo Shu Grid

Number 4

- Associated Planet: Rahu

- Direction: Southeast

- Element: Wood

- Colors: Gold, Purple

Influence of Repeated Number 4 in Date of Birth

One Time

If the number 4 appears only once in your date of birth, you possess a talent for handicrafts and are capable of creating new works of art with your innovative ideas. You could excel as a sculptor. Practical and imaginative, you approach your work methodically and don't give much importance to old customs. You are independent and hardworking, ensuring that you complete any task you start. Additionally, you are skilled in debating and devising new plans.


When the number 4 appears twice, you become more focused on the material world and your physical well-being. Your hands have a creative magic, capable of producing new things, whether good or bad. Practical and efficient, you have the potential to earn substantial money through your artistic abilities. You achieve significant progress in life and maintain a stable bank balance.


If the number 4 appears three times, you are extremely hardworking and deeply engaged in the material world, which can lead your mind towards both positive and negative paths. You may struggle to fully utilize your talents, becoming overly preoccupied with worldly matters and physical concerns. At some point, you might feel detached from the material world and consider renouncing everything. This could eventually lead you towards meditation and spiritual devotion.

Four Times 

When the number 4 appears four times, you may lose some intellectual and religious abilities due to an excessive focus on the physical body. However, individuals with this combination often become great explorers and scientists. You will need to engage in more physical work throughout your life, combining both mental and physical efforts. Despite the challenges, you are likely to maintain a stable financial status.

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