Vehicle Number Numerology Calculator | Vehicle Number Numerology According to Date of birth

Vehicle Numerology

Let's find the best vehicle number for You.

In this blog post, you are going to learn about 2 things :

  • First how to choose a vehicle number?
  • What should be the color of the vehicle number according to numerology?
In numerology, we make compatible our daily things with the date of birth to get positive vibrations. When all our things are fine with us, then we will definitely get benefits.

How to choose a vehicle number according to Numerology?

The rule for choosing vehicle number according to numerology :

  • Vehicle numbers should be at a friendly number of your life path and birth number.

First, you have to know what is your birth number and life path number. 

How to find the Birth Number?

For example - The date of birth is 14-8-2017

To find the birth number add the birth date.

14 = 1+4 = 5.

5 is Birth Number.

How to find Lifepath Number?

To find the life path number you have to add the full date of birth.


1+4+8+2+0+1+7 = 5.

5 is the life path number.

Now, Let's learn how to find a suitable vehicle number. 

How to count vehicle numbers?

We will only use the last four digits of the number plate-like 9890. Ignore pb02 CQ or Hp36 CQ etc. Just count only the last 4 numbers.

The total vehicle numbers should be at friendly number,

Lucky vehicle number for date of birth 14-8-2017.

  • Birth number is 5,
  • Life path number is also 5.
Now you must have information about what is the lucky number for 5. 
The best option for 5-5 combinations is 1,5 and 6. So the number of vehicles should be 1, 5 or 6.

IMPORTANT: Keep one thing in mind that for all the dates of birth the number should be at 1, 3, 5, and 6. 
  • Number 1 is best because this number represents the sun - king.
  • Number 3 is good because this number represents Jupiter - the guru of all planets.
  • Number 5 is good because this number represents Mercury - Rajkumar.
  • Number 6 is good because this number represents Venus - Guru of Asura's

NUMBERS TO AVOID: You must avoid numbers 4 and 8 because these both numbers are struggling numbers. 9 is also not a good number for the vehicle. 

For Example :

Hp36 XY 0555

Calculate - 0+5+5+5 = 15 = 6.

So, This vehicle number is very lucky for Date of birth: 14-8-2017.

What should be the color of the car?

The ideal color is white which is best for all dates of birth. No matter what birth number and life path number you have white is the ideal color.

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Can we buy a black colored car?
Yes, we can but conditions apply. 

Conditions are :
To know all conditions you can contact us to get a consultation.

Benefits of vehicle numerology.
  • Less chance of an accident
  • Remove the lack of a number in the grid.
  • Opportunity to go to a good place.
  • Energy will be positive while driving.

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