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What you will get in Numerology & Astrology Consultation?

You can make a list of all your questions and send it to us. You will get detailed answers to all the questions you have and also you will get information about every aspect of your life. 
  • The overall analysis of the Date of birth
  • Numerology Corrections
  • Best Remedies for Success
  • Missing Number Remedies
  • Properties & Money & Wealth
  • Relationship & Health
  • Best Business & Career Choices.
  • Astrology Dosha & Yoga
  • Your Strength & Weakness
  • Lucky numbers, colors, days, dates. years
  • Best Mantra for Chanting

There are two types of consultations available. Pdf and Video Report. 

PDF REPORT:  2500 - 3500Rs
You will receive 30+ pages of information that will help you in every aspect of life. The information you will get in PDF will also solve every problem. We will make your report after analyzing Numerology, Lo shu grid & Astrology as well. 

WHATSAPP - 9015121889

VIDEO REPORT:  4000 - 5000Rs
You will receive 30+ minutes of information in Video Format that will help you in every aspect of life. Solutions to all problems will be there. We will make your report after analyzing Numerology, Lo shu grid & Astrology as well. 

How to book a Numerology & Astrology Consultation?
For booking a consultation please WhatsApp us at +91 9015121889. To give you our full information we need:
  • Your Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Birth time 
  • Birth Place
You will get your full report after 2-3 days of sending your details and payment

We have given our consultation to thousands of clients based across India and overseas, and we have always got positive reviews from everywhere. Our mentioned remedies are very simple and cheap, which can be easily followed by any person. 

Who will do Your reading?
Mr. Kamal Kishore owner of Silent Knowledge will do your reading. Kamal Kishore belongs to Himachal Pradesh, He was very interested in Occult Science from the beginning of his life, So he moved forward in this field and starts transforming people's life. Without coming online, he could not give information to everyone, so in 2020, he came online and started sharing his knowledge with people.

In a short time, people from all over the world are choosing Silent Knowledge for consultation. Now, Everyday Silent Knowledge gives its service to many people and accepts their blessings. We're dedicated to providing you the best of our Service, with a focus on dependability and Different types of consultation packages.

If you have any concerns you can mail us on this mail id. 

Mail ID - 
Website - 
Mobile Number - +91 9015121889


  1. sir main apne future k bare mei janna chahta hu lekin muze meri correct birth date pata hai lekin birth time nahi pata hai to kya mai apne future k bare mei jan sakta hu? please reply kijiye

  2. सरजी नमस्कार,
    मैं satendra kumar soni जन्मकतिथि 24 मार्च 1975 एवं
    पत्नीै sapna soni जन्मकतिथि 18 जुलाई 1983 है मेरी जॉब लॉकडाउन में चली गई है नई जॉब कब मिलेगी या व्यsवसाय करना चाहिए तथा शादी के 12 साल बाद भी संतान नही है संतान योग कब तक है ।