72 Investment Rule (Calculator) Formula For Doubling Money - Rule of 72 Investment


Rule of 72 Calculator

What is the 72 Investment Rule?: 

The "72 investment rule" is a helpful trick to estimate how long it will take for an investment to double in value. You can use this rule by dividing 72 by the annual growth rate of your investment. The answer will give you a rough idea of the number of years it might take for your investment to double.

For Example: let's say Shubham has an investment of any amount with a growth rate of 8% per year. To estimate how long it might take for his investment to double in value, he can use the "72 investment rule."

Shubham would divide 72 by 8, which gives him approximately 9. Therefore, based on this rule, Shubham can expect his investment to double in value in around 9 years.

Here are some benefits of the 72 investment

1. Quick estimation: The rule helps you figure out how long it might take for your money to double without needing to do complicated math. It's like a shortcut that gives you a rough idea of how long an investment might take to grow.

2. Financial planning: Using the rule, you can plan for your future money goals. It helps you see how different growth rates can affect when you'll achieve your financial targets.

3. Rule of thumb: The rule is a handy guideline to understand how money can grow over time. It shows that earning a higher rate of return can make your money grow faster.

4. Educational tool: The rule is a simple way to learn about money and investing. It helps beginners understand how time, growth rates, and investments are connected.

5. Decision-making: When you have different options to invest your money, the rule can help you compare them. By considering how long it takes for an investment to double, you can get an idea of which options might be better for you.

Remember, the 72 investment rule is just an estimate and doesn't cover everything. But it's a useful starting point for understanding investments and making basic plans for your money.

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