Effects and Remedies of Manglik (Mangal) Dosha | Effects of Mars in Different Houses

Manglik Dosha - Vedic Astrology

Mangala Dosha

Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and the Sun are all considered harsh planets in Vedic astrology. You’ve probably heard of Mangal Dosha, particularly in relation to weddings. This is the most important and frequently the most feared aspect in a Hindu marriage. Mars dosha is created when Mars is in the first, second, fourth, seventh, or eighth house, or if it is in the twelfth house. According to legend, a Manglik person's life would be devoid of marital satisfaction. Either the marriage/ relationship terminates as a result of a catastrophe, accident, or injury to either the native or the spouse, or both. In the astrological realm, the red planet is known as the "angry bird" of the solar system. Vedic astrology, it is one of the most well-known doshas. It's also known as the 'Kuja,' 'Bhom,' 

It has an equal impact on males and women. When Mars is in conjunction with other malefic and inauspicious planets, it can turn malefic. It is a hot planet, and those who have the Manglik Dosha inherit this fiery quality. This combination has varied effects on different people, and it also varies on the strength and location of Mars in each house. But, in reality, Mars' commonly accepted identity is not true. Because planet Mars has two sides to its character: one is its intrinsic malefic nature, which can only cause problems if it is in your horoscope's destructive house. The seventh house, or the house of marriage, as well as the state of Guru, Brihaspati, or Jupiter in the birth chart, are the sole factors that influence married life.

Effect of Mars on different houses

First house

Because the first house is the 'House of the Native,' when a Manglik marries a Non-Manglik, the two will have unneeded problems. Many of these marriages result in divorce. The 4th, 7th, and 8th houses are likewise affected by a first-house manifestation.

Second house

If Mars is in the second house, there will be one nasty speech, which will be detrimental to marital ties. It has to do with our family; if unfavorable Mars is in the second house, Manglik Dosh is formed because the number of family members does not arise as a result of inauspicious Mars being in the second house.

Fourth house

Mars in the fourth house indicates a lot of work and money issues. It may be difficult for the native to obtain work, even at his current position. Mars' fourth vision, which originates in the fourth house, falls in the seventh house.

Seventh house

If Mars is in a terrible position in the 7th house, married life will be miserable once more. Mangal in the seventh house will show as a quick-tempered personality. The individual is prone to erupting over little issues. He or she will force his or her viewpoint on the rest of the family, resulting in misunderstandings and marital strife.

Eighth house

Mangal in the eighth house is associated with unpredictable behavior. The presence of Mars in this house causes the natives to be sexually active, and they require a mate who will complement them. Because Mars has entered this house, there is a risk that the life partner will have a brief life; nevertheless, if Saturn has a malefic impact on Mars, the life partner may die by accident.

Twelfth house

Mars in the twelfth house emerges as a restless, unhappy personality. It causes a person to have a lot of mental issues. At the same time, such a native will amass a large number of adversaries throughout the course of his life.

Remedies for Mangal dosha

Before you tie the knot, Do match your kundali with your partner  - what if you have the Manglik Dosh? If you do and your spouse does not, you must take appropriate measures. While the Manglik Dosha might have a negative impact on marriage, some therapies can help to eliminate the Dosha.

Make it a daily practice to recite the Gayatri Mantra 108 times.

•If both the bride and husband have a ManglikDosha, they can enjoy a happy marriage.
Mangal Shanti Puja should be performed. This can help to alleviate ManglikDosha to some extent.

•On Tuesday, present Lord Ganesha your prayers with a garland of yellow marigold flowers, Durva grass, and his favorite Osaka or Ladoos.

•On Tuesday, pay a visit to Hanuman Temple and donate sweets and vermilion. recite the Hanuman Chalisa as a cure. Non-vegetarian foods, alcohol, garlic, onion, and cigarettes should be avoided on this day.

•As a Manglik, you must go through the KumbhaVivah, Vishnu Vivah, and AshwathaVivah rituals. Should marry a Peepal tree to erase the Dosha. The tree will remove all of the planet Mars's negative effects from your Kundali.

If a Manglik's marriage is delayed, there is no need to be concerned. The negative impacts of marriage will be reduced, and the marriage will be saved as a result of the wait. For a number of reasons, match-making may prioritize specific Houses. This is how the self, or Lagna, is expressed. If we follow the norm, this suggests that 50% of the population is Manglik, but we may also assume that 50% of the population is frustrated or has marital issues.

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