Shrapit Dosha Effect and Remedies | Shrapit Dosh Nivaran In Vedic Astrology

The Shrapit Dosha - Vedic Astrology


When Saturn and Rahu meet in a single house, Shrapit dosh is produced. Shrapit dosh is a type of astrological bad luck brought about by a curse cast by someone in a previous life. In your horoscope, Shrapit Dosha is a bad effect. This Dosha might have a lot of negative consequences in your life. Whatever occurs in this life is a mirror of negative karma from a previous existence. Saturn is known for issuing fair judgments and punishments in response to good and evil deeds. Saturn's impact during shrapit dosh varies from person to person, and so the results may also vary.

A Dosha is a Kundli feature that has negative consequences. When Saturn, Sun, Moon, Rahu, and Ketu inhabit particular houses or are in a position that prevents the Yogas' positive power from influencing the person, Doshas occur, resulting in a steady and unbroken flow of negative energy. The birth chart is cursed if Saturn and Rahu are conjunct in any house in a native's horoscope. This Shani Rahu Shrapit dosha is a very negative dosha that causes a lot of problems in life. In some cases, the entire life is spent without any significance because of this dosha.

Effects of Shrapit dosha

It is a pity that your karma from previous lives is chasing you in this incarnation. Saturn is recognized for making fair choices and enforcing discipline in response to your good or bad acts. Even though this yogic individual suffers a lot, failure and achievement are visible. 

A native may endure several obstacles with no obvious cause and be unaware of what is impacting him or her. A native may encounter a variety of issues and malefic repercussions as a result of this Dosha. If this dosha is not pacified, it may pass down through the generations.

Negatively, this dosha can affect:

It's possible that the native will grow sedentary and less active. There may be little enthusiasm for the natives.

Regular quarrels with your children or husband will occur, and things may become violent. If you have the shrapit dosh, divorce is a distinct option.

The native is readily lured to negativity, and he or she frequently gets into difficulty with the authorities. There may be considerable jail time involved in select circumstances.

The fruits of struggle are the house's anxiety, the mother's sorrow, the father's agony, failure, lack of advancement, and unexpected loss of authority.

Academic endeavors are fraught with difficulties. Obstacles in the workplace. Huge monetary losses.

Due to the impacts of Shrapit dosh, the aura of your home and the vibrations surrounding you will never be soothing.

Having trouble conceiving and having a child, as well as repeated miscarriages.

It will be difficult for you to appreciate the simple pleasures and luxuries of life. There will always be a palpable sense of doom surrounding you.

The harmed individual will be perpetually in debt and will be unable to recover.

On the bright side, Saturn or Rahu should be insignificant houses, with a large degree difference. The closer they get; the more mayhem they can wreak.

Remedies to cure Shrapit dosha

This yoga practitioner should respect and serve the devotees, and should never cause any trouble to their parents. The philanthropic mentality lessens the impact of this yoga.

The Shani and Rahu Shrapit Dosh Nivaran Puja can be quite beneficial. This puja should be performed by an experienced pandit for the best results.

Chant the Shani Mantra "Om Sam ShanaishwarayaNamaha" multiple times to consecrate a ShaniYantra.

Help the poor and others in need without expecting anything in return.

Feed the fish and cow rice balls made from rice and pure ghee.

Wearing the appropriate gemstones can help to reduce the effects of the shrapit dosh.

On Saturdays, light 8 deepams with gingelly oil towards the house's western direction at home.

Wear a Rudraksha with four or eight faces.

Every day, offering milk mixed with water to the Shivling might assist to reduce the bad effects of Shani and Rahu.

Over the course of several days or months, chant the MahaMrityunjaya Mantra at least 1,25,000 times.

Provide financial aid to parents who are unable to complete their daughter's wedding.

Although Shrapit dosh is a dangerous yoga in the birth chart, it is easily neutralized by Vedic astrology's procedures for corrective actions. If this dosha is present in one's horoscope, he or she can use any of the various corrective treatments available, depending on the position of Saturn in the horoscope. Apart from astrological cures, you should be prepared if you know that you have such a combination in your natal chart and that a typical time period is coming up from transits and Dasha. These calamities in life occur to balance the karmic scale, and their repercussions do not last the rest of your life. There will be times when these energies are very intense, and precautions should be taken. 

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