Chandra Grahan Dosha: Impact In All 12 Houses Of Kundali

Grahan Dosha

Grahan Dosha

Grahan means "Eclipse". When a person is born during a solar or lunar eclipse, then that person is said to have eclipse dosha or Grahan Dosha. Whenever Rahu or Ketu comes with Sun or Moon it results in Grahan Dosha.

Grahan dosh is formed due to the presence of shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu. In Grahan dosha, Rahu and Ketu are in close proximity to the Sun or the Moon. But as no adverse effect is permanent, Grahan dosha will also leave your life after a certain period of time. So try not to panic during the time when the Grahan Dosha is in your Kundli.

There are four possible combinations of Grahan Dosha:

> Complete Solar Eclipse Dosha or Purna Surya Grahan Dosha - When Sun and Rahu are in the same house.

> Partial Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan Dosha - When Sun and Ketu are in the same house.

> Complete Lunar Eclipse Dosha or Purna Chandra Grahan Dosha - When Moon and Rahu are in the same house.

> Partial Lunar Eclipse Dosha or Chandra Grahan Dosha - When Sun and Ketu are in the same house.

Chandra Grahan Dosha 

Lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan Dosha is a condition when the Moon is in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu in the birth chart. Actually, Rahu and Ketu revolve around the Sun in opposite directions. Also, they stay on each planet for 18 months and in one house depending on their Lagna. As they move, there may come a time when the Moon or Moon will be in the same house as Rahu/Ketu. This condition is called Chandra Dosha. If this dosha occurs at the time of the child's birth, then the birth chart of the child will be with Chandra dosha. For example, if Rahu is sitting with the Moon then "Rahu Moon or Lunar Eclipse Dosha" is present. 

In fact, the unstable planets, Rahu and Ketu will clutter the Moon's influence. Moon controls the mind. Under the influence of Rahu/Ketu, Moon will lose control over the mind, which can lead to mental disorders. 

Chandra Grahan Dosha Or Lunar Grahan Dosha in All Houses

Chandra Grahan Dosha in First house: 

The first house governs the physical appearance, the image you portray in front of others, and your first impression on others. 

Chandra Grahan Dosha in Second House: 

The second house is the house of wealth and material possessions. If Chandra Grahan Dosha is in the second house in your kundali then it will have negative impacts on your finances, personal belongings, and your relationship with your family and friends.

Chandra Grahan Dosha in Third House:

The third house controls your thinking process, communication style and cognitive function. 

Chandra Grahan Dosha in Fourth House:

Fourth house determines your roots, sense of security, and emotional foundation. Chandra Grahan Dosha in the fourth house affects the emotion factor of the native.

Chandra Grahan Dosha in Fifth House: 

The fifth house is the house of playfulness, joy, creativity, joy and romance. It refers to your creative and spontaneous self-expression in all kinds of play.  Chandra Grahan Dosha in the fifth house can bring many difficulties to the natives during their childhood period. 

Chandra Grahan Dosha in Sixth House: 

The sixth house determines your level of awareness and problem solving skills including your daily responsibilities, health habits, and due diligence. Chandra Grahan Dosha in the sixth house negatively influences your attitude towards routine, scheduling and organization.

Chandra Grahan Dosha in Seventh House:

The seventh house revolves around partnerships: marriage, business partnership, domestic partnership, soul mate, and your attitude towards these unions. Chandra Grahan Dosha in the seventh house does not always give a negative impact as in some cases it seems to have some positive effects for the natives. But if it causes problems then the problems often are related to family and business.

Chandra Grahan Dosha in Eighth House: 

The eighth house is commonly referred to as the house of death and governs sexuality. If Chandra Grahan Dosha sits in the eight house then the native face sex-re;lated problems.

Chandra Grahan Dosha in Ninth House: 

The ninth house governs your higher education and if Chandra Grahan Dosha is present in the ninth house of your horoscope then it can cause troubles in your education.

Chandra Grahan Dosha in Tenth house: 

The tenth house governs your career, your achievements in society, those areas of life where you make a name for yourself and create something in your life. Problems related to your desire for fame, material success, and your achievement in general arise when Chandra Grahan Dosha sits in the tenth house.

Chandra Grahan Dosha in Eleventh House: 

The Eleventh house controls native’s personal goals, hopes, true inner purpose, sense of community and areas of life that come under the umbrella of their desires. Chandra Grahan Dosha in the Eleventh house can affect those areas negatively and sometimes positively too. 

Chandra Grahan Dosha in Twelfth House: The twelfth house controls the secrets, the parts of life that are hidden, subconscious, real dreams and nightmares of the native. Chandra Grahan Dosha in the sixth house governs the native’s karma, self-extraction, and the evolution of the soul. 

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